Humanizing Your Brand in Social Media - Social Media 2011

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My presentation from Social Media 2011 - humanizing your brand


<ul><li> 1. Humanizing Your BrandOctober 12, 2011</li></ul> <p> 2. What Makes a Brand Human 3. Things dont have to change the world to be important.- Steve Jobs 4. Source: Wikipedia 5. Business customers are peopletoo, and they love to connect insocial channelsJosh Bernoff, author and analyst 6. Where B2B marketers plan to spend in 2012 20% social media; 19% online ads; 18% mobile marketing; 17% search engine marketingANA (Association of National Advertisers) 7. Marketers Biggest Headaches vData Explosion vSocial Media vProliferation of Channels and Devices vShifting Consumer DemographicsIBM CMO Study 2011 8. All too often, B2B marketingefforts are restrained by a deadlyseriousness that simply ignoresthe humanity of the target.Fast Company 9. Source: Wikipedia 10. Source: Wikipedia 11. Source: Wikipedia 12. Source: Wikipedia 13. Source: Wikipedia 14. increased productivity in the call center by 10 percent and quality of guest carecontinues to rise 15. Sense of humor Stick with the shtick Resourceful Open/transparent Consistent 16. Delivering customer value is paramount and an organizations behavior is asimportant as the products and services it provides IBM CMO Study Always say Please and Thank You Personal &amp; professional Talking with not at Resourceful 17. Innovative Understanding the audience Patience Sense of humor Taking risks Track and measure 18. 2.7 times increase in website traffic 3.2 times increase in conversion 5.3 times increase in blog traffic 6.0 times increase in registration of community members Numerous awards, coverage, recognition 19. Humans Solve ProblemsvData resourceful, helpful, pointed (vs justentertaining)vSocial Media building awareness,relationships (vs making deals, specials)vProliferation of Channels and Devices -(integrated pull/push/pull marketing campaigns,reusable content) 20. Thank you! Christine Perkett P: 781.834.5852@PerkettPR and @missusP</p>