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  • 1. Human Resource Management Submitted To :: Prof. Pooja Fernandes Submitted To Prof. Pooja Fernandes

2. Outsourcing 3. Group MembersGroup No.-06 14 31 4. IntroductionWhat isOutsourcing ? 5. Reasons for OutsourcingLow costFlexibility Budget Control Investment Innovation 6. Types of OutsourcingInformation Technology Business Process Outsourcing Outsourcing 7. Human Resource Outsourcing What is Human Resource Outsourcing?? 8. HRO ServicesBusiness Process Outsourcing Professional Employee Outsourcing 9. Continue.Application Services Providers E-Services 10. AdvantagesCore ActivitiesSavingsReduced OverheadOperational control Risk Management Internal staff 11. DisadvantagesExposing Confidential data Lack of Customer focus Hidden cost 12. Steps to Outsourcing success 13. Areas where HRO will workRelocation HRIS Consultancy andRecruiting/ StaffingTrainingCompetenceSalary Development.Administration 14. Continue. Manpower andHR Surveys Career PlanningHR Research Staff loans and Perks 15. Top 10 Outsourcing Firms in India 16. Top 10 Outsourcing firms in India1 Building CareersBuilding Organizations2 3Welcome to a world of opportunitiesFounders of the staffing industry 17. Continue 18. HRO Facts and Figures 19. How is Outsourcing priced???Fixed costPay per unit Variable costCost plus profit Profit-Risk sharing Performance pay 20. Outsourcing- Troubles 21. Future of Outsourcing 22. 23. **Thank you**