How You Can Apply the Golden Rule to Promote Your Business

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  • 1. How You Can Apply the Golden Rule to Promote Your BusinessI turn on my laptop and start my daily routine after I finish jogging early in the morning. I openmy browser and log on to my website, email, and social networking accounts. Then the cleaningup begins. Easy, I browse my inbox, label the emails, delete some, and then I start browsing theones that matter. There are rare occasions that spam messages land on my inbox.I am quite sure that you do the same thing or if you dont have the time to clean up, you just letit stay in your inbox and just remember the last count of your mail to see if anything worthycame in. Dont we all hate spam messages? Iremember replying to a message a few weeks agofrom a company representative who tried to sell mecondo units located hundreds of islands away fromme (I definitely was not the right lead to contact).So when it comes to promoting your brand, how doyou avoid becoming one? How do you prevent yourmarketing strategies waste away in the trash? How do you excite your market to read on? Howcan you effectively promote your business online? These are some of the questions I will answerin this blog post.The key is Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. The Golden rule applies.Heres what I mean by that:To effectively get yourself noticed in your weekly e-zine is not to post million of dollarsbenefits on the subject of the mail. I personally hate subject lines such as The fastest way tomake thousands of dollars or something spammy like that. People have outgrown that. They

2. dont buy it anymore. What you can do to promote your business online through emails is togenuinely build a relationship with them. You have to research them. Know what they are into.This process might take time but it will give you greater rewards since you would not have tospend so much effort in whipping up a newsletter issue only to be deleted or marked as spam(some people find it easier to mark the email as spam rather than unsubscribe even though theysigned up for it).Ask for permission. Do not go about sending people your newsletter when they did notsubscribe to you. You can write to them sincerely telling them what you think you have that theymight like and invite them courteously if they are interested to receive more info about it. If theydid not respond, then move on to the next person. That only means that they are not interested.And just because somebody handed you his or her business card at a networking event oradded you on LinkedIn doesnt mean its okay to add them to your mailing list without askingthem.When you add people on social media channels, at least send them a personalizedmessage and why you would like to connect. Lets face it. Not everyone is open to connectingto people they dont know. I know of a life coach who didnt want to connect with people shedidnt know and told her VA to unfollow all those people on Twitter and delete some LinkedInconnections because she doesnt know them personally. She didnt like seeing marketingmessages from other people on her Twitter feed and she thought those were all spam and thatadding people she hasnt met in person or talked over the phone was not authentic.Cultivate your business relationships on Twitter. Dont use your Twitter account to just feedyour articles or post your marketing messages. Talk to people. Thank your biggest supporters,influencers, and reply to peoples tweets. Heres a tool that takes your Twitter relationships tothe next level.Provide value when you write comments. Writing comments on blogs, or sites like Quora andLinkedIn answers is a great way to get your name out there and build your credibility. Lets sayyou have written an excellent post on your blog, then later you see a pending comment thatsays Nice post! I like it very much. Ive received a lot of comments like this on my blog post.Even though some of these comments are not marked as spam, they still appear spammy to meand the truth is, they dont provide any value. The comments section is a place to give yourinsights about the blog post and although its a great strategy to build links to your website, atleast write a comment that other readers could benefit from. Instead of just saying Thank you 3. for this very informative article or something like that, tell the author about your biggest a-hafrom the post. Is there a tip that you can add or do you disagree with certain points? Write it inyour comment. You could help someone who would stumble upon that article later on.We can apply the Golden Rule to the way we promote our business (online and offline). Youonly do to others what you would have others do to you. You sure dont want unsolicited emailsto flood your inbox, they dont too. You dont want to be added on Facebook only to bepromoted to, they dont either.Be respectful and sincere with the way you promote your business online by doing only whatyou want done to you. In short, treat people the way you want to be treated.I want you to tell me about your biggest pet peeve when it comes to other peoples marketingtactics. What practices do you see that others do that makes you think they are spammingpeople? Let me know on my Facebook page. Karen May Dy is a social media and internet marketing virtual assistant and wants you to build your authentic social brand, create a powerful online presence, and ultimately step up your social media game. With a passion in simplifying social media and online marketing, Karen teaches and serves women service-based solopreneurs in using online tools and the internet to grow their business. To grab your F.R.E.E. copy of Karens social media kit through email and to receive exclusive weekly socialmedia coaching straight to your inbox every Tuesday, visit


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