How to Use Social Media for Media Relations

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Social media can be an excellent tool to help you build relationships with reporters, which can ultimately help you score positive media coverage for your brand. In this presentation, I cover how social media can help you find the right reporters, learn more about them and what they cover and use this information to build a relationship with them.

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  • 1. Using Social Media for Media RelationsLaura ClickBlue Kite Marketing@lauraclick

2. What is media relations anyway? 3. Media relations isWorking with the media toprovide credible informationabout your brand toencourage positivenews coverage 4. Can social media help? 5. Yes, social media can help youget media coverage. Heres how. 6. Find the rightreporters 7. This was the old way 8. But, now we have online tools 9. Search Twitter bios 10. Gain intelligence on reporters (research) 11. What you can learn Read their blog / articles to see what theywrite about See what theyre sharing on social networks Discover their hobbies & interests Find mutual connections 12. Monitor relevant conversations 13. Monitoring toolsTwitter advanced search 14. Build relationshipswith reporters & influencers 15. But what does that MEAN? 16. Its a wise idea for PR professionals touse social media not only to pitch storiesor angles, but also to join theconversation on stories and build arelationship.I think a lot of PR professionals miss anopportunity to become recognized byreporters. I hope it doesnt sound callous,but the more I know you, the moreinclined I am to pay attention to yourJosh DeVine Tweets, mentions and DMs.Reporter, WSMV@WSMVJoshDeVine 17. Relationships with media is just that - RELATIONSHIPS. Social media makes it easier to develop those relationships and stay top-of-mind. But the tools should not be used to pitch a story. Rather to begin the relationship. You still have to use traditional methods to build on it.Gini DietrichCEO, Arment Dietrich@GiniDietrich 18. Dont forget to read journos blogs and content. Reference these works in a tweet as an intro and slowly create relationship based on what the journo is covering. Retweet and share their posts, too. When a two-way link is established, dont pitch outright; patiently build the opportunity for a story pitch on a gradual basis.Jayme SoulatiPresident, Soulati Media@Soulati 19. How do you do this? Join conversations Comment on articles and blog posts Share their content on social networks Talk about your shared interests Share useful information or news tips 20. Promoteyour content 21. Build an online newsroom Package content into a comprehensive story Images Video Blog posts / releases Data Sources Quotes@lauraclick 22. DO Encourage your fans / followers to spread theword about your news Make it easy for reporters to find and shareyour content Send tips and story ideas but ONLY if youvedeveloped relationships first 23. Dont Just share press releases Blindly pitch reporters Spam reporters Send information thats not relevant to whatthey cover 24. You can do it! 25. Any questions? 26. Laura ClickFounder & CEO - Blue Kite Marketingwww.flybluekite.comConnect with me!Email: laura@flybluekite.comTwitter: