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Brand Your Business On Pinterest Pin Your Way to Success

www.omnepresent.comWhat Is Pinterest?Social NetworkAllows users sharing stories i.e. pinsHere everything goes on your board (similar to Facebook walls)Pins and RepinsPinterest is more image oriented

www.omnepresent.comWhy is it Used?To share stories based on personal experience To promote products or servicesImproves personal interaction among people with similar like abilitiesIt is collection of interest all at the same placeProvides a variety of suggestions when it comes to search

www.omnepresent.comHow To Use It?User registration can be from email or connecting other social sitesLogging with Facebook helps you find Facebook friends on Pinterest as wellYou can invite people or Facebook friends to join and also make new connections based on common interests

www.omnepresent.comThings That Complete Pinterest Pins : Uploading, Storing, Managing and Sharing ImagesRepin : Lets user add another users pins to his/her own boardBoard : Similar to a Facebook timeline where user adds all his/her pins i.e. media and storiesGuided Search : Provides with relevant suggestionsMessages : Allow sharing messages

www.omnepresent.comSeamless IntegrationFacebook : Allows you to log in to PinterestTwitter : This Microblogging site allows cross social media sharingBlogger : It lets you blog and create stories that you can share with interested users

www.omnepresent.comPinterest For BusinessHelps you do market researchAllows creating boards with keywords in the titleDescription to give an idea about the productCreate proper link back to your siteYou can share your Pins and Boards on social media channelRich PinsProvides a platform to sell your product It enhances your brand, lets the user be aware of the brandCustomer SupportImproves your page rank in search engineIntegrate with your blog Helps you to stand out in competition

www.omnepresent.comHelps you understand the audienceHelps you understand user behavioursLets you set the goal for future promotionsYou can identify the potential customersHelps in getting brief idea about the market trendsHelps you understand the culture that particular business follows

Market Research

www.omnepresent.comCreating Boards With Keywords In The Title

Helps categorizing products based on their typeEnhances search capabilitiesLets more customers to find your businessKeywords plays a crucial role in searching titles

www.omnepresent.comOptimized Search ResultsEnables your content structure to be relevantWill allow you to keep it short and simpleShouldnt mislead the target userDescription should have infographics

www.omnepresent.comCreate Proper Link Back To Your Site

Make sure that user is redirected to the intended sitePins can be added in two waysIn the DescriptionIn the Source for the pinLink back through Call-To-Action provides a base to attract business

www.omnepresent.comShare Pins And Boards On Social Media ChannelWe can tweet our pins and share with othersWe can use Facebook posts to share our pinsBlogging links to pins with the short and relevant description

www.omnepresent.comRich Pins5 categories of Rich pins:Movie, Recipe, Article, Product, and PlaceMeta tag can be used to prepare your website, for startersTo get your Rich pins on Pinterest, test themGet Technical support if you are not aware of the aspects

www.omnepresent.comProvides a Platform To Sell Your Product Its a launch pad to boost your salesIt is form of advertisement i.e. digital marketing

www.omnepresent.comBrand AwarenessEducate the visitors about your brandProvide proper informationAdds a plus point in competition as more people are aware of your brand

www.omnepresent.comCustomer SupportAssist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a productAssist customers in installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgradingAssisting customers with online support for queries 24x7

www.omnepresent.comImproves Page Rank In Search EngineSEO helps in improving page ranksContent needs to be relevantKeywords have to be optimized for the contentDescription should be simple and sound

www.omnepresent.comIntegrate With Your Blog Blog is essential for SEOMost of the companies promote their brands through blogsSignificant to get valuable inbound links

www.omnepresent.comHelps You To Stand Out In CompetitionNeed to understand the strategies the rivals are implementingHelps you explore more new innovative idea with offers and contentEnables you to learn new thing and understand what you have done in the past Helps you get the idea of how to present your content.

www.omnepresent.comConclusionPinterest will help to promote your businessPins, Rich Pins, Boards and Guided search are the things that will allow business to riseAssociating Pinterest with social mediaHelp with Market ResearchImproves page ranks with SEOHelps you make your brand aware

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