How to use Customer Intelligence technology to boost your email marketing

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Peter Schellaert, Sales Director EmailvisionCustomer Intelligence enables marketers to rapidly explore and visualize their client data. Millions of records can be analyzed in seconds with drag and drop features that make data analysis easy-to-use and highly accessible for online marketing teams.In this session you will have an overview of: What is Customer Intelligence? How to explore customer behavior data to identify new segments and sale strategies. An easy way to increase your sales via email, mobile and social campaigns using Customer Intelligence.


<ul><li> 1. How to use Customer Intelligence toboost your email marketing program?28/03/2012Peter SchellaertCountry Manager Benelux Powering Smarter Marketing </li> <li> 2. Who is Emailvision? International leader in email, mobile and social marketing 640 employees $90M annual revenues / 40% organic growth Sending 350K global campaigns / month The 1st company to deliver SaaS Customer Intelligence The 1st company to integrate CI and Campaign Management Recognition as a technology leader by: </li> <li> 3. Some of our 4000 + clients </li> <li> 4. Our mission Integration APIs Emailvision powers smart Emailemail, mobile andsocial campaigns Customer Intelligence that deliver results Custom Applications Custom Apps </li> <li> 5. Global Provider, Local SupportOffices:ArgentinaAustriaBelgiumBrazilCanadaChinaFranceGermanyHong KongIsraelItalyJapanMexicoNetherlandsPortugalScandinaviaSpainSwitzerlandUnited KingdomUSA </li> <li> 6. Relevance? </li> <li> 7. Consumers are struggling with Inboxoverload 49% of consumers have unsubscribed from email lists that they had originally opted in to because they found the emails to be irrelevant Source: Relevancy Group "Realizing the Value of Email Marketing" (2010) </li> <li> 8. Modern ISPs - Only the Relevant Survive Yahoo blocks ! Gmail Priority Inbox automatically identifies ! Hotmail sweeps ! </li> <li> 9. Value of Using Insight for TargetingRelevance </li> <li> 10. How Can Relevance Help Marketers? Accelerate gains Reduce Costs With less time </li> <li> 11. What is Customer Intelligence? </li> <li> 12. Business Challenge Marketing IT </li> <li> 13. What do we Know? Customers Campaigns &amp; Communications Products and Media &amp; content transactions interactions </li> <li> 14. The Customer Journey Acquisition About to Sleeping/In Maturation Active go active VIP Lawyer RFM Segment Lapse Segment </li> <li> 15. Win Back Campaigns Incentivise lapsed customers. </li> <li> 16. Cross / Upsell Analysis High propensity customer target list </li> <li> 17. A Fictional Retailer Ecommerce and high-street retailer Broad range of brands and styles Decelerating business growth </li> <li> 18. An ACME Shoes Customer Chris Roe Male, 24 Running shoe customer Competition runner Local club is Linford Christie Stadium in West London Extensive travel Social media fan iPhone user </li> <li> 19. What Did ACME Send To Chris Before? Dear Subscriber, fashion up! </li> <li> 20. ACME Shoes Were Able To Data Database </li> <li> 21. Results: Chris Experience Started interacting with relevant emails Took offer to purchase new running shoes Joined ACME sports Facebook group Tweeted ACMEs offers to his social network, who were other runners all over the world... who signed up for the newsletters, joined the social sites bought trainers and in turn recommended their friends </li> <li> 22. Results: Value To ACME Improved email marketing KPIs and marketing ROI Marketing process efficiency Growth of engaged social community generating measurable incremental revenue Actionable customer insight And a long-term customer relationship with Chris Roe! </li> <li> 23. ACMEs Powerful Digital Channel StrategySocial eCommerceEmail Website </li> <li> 24. Summary Collect and analyse your data, it is a very valuable asset Create actionable customer insight Use this insight to drive timely and meaningful relevance in customer lifecycle engagements </li> <li> 25. Thank you for your attention! Join us at Stand S43! </li> </ul>


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