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How To Sell Yourself To Others

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Fifth Quadrant's Premier Event at New Delhi.

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  • 1. How To Sell YOURSELF To Others A Premier One Day Event That Shows You HOW TO SELL THE MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT- YOURSELF August 19th, New Delhi An Event By Fifth Quadrant, facilitated by Chetan Walia

2. A GOOD PRODUCT ISNT ENOUGH Mozart, for example was the greatest artist who ever lived. He dies penniless, was buried in a $3 Cofn. After his death, men who knew how to sell greatness, made fortunes out of his music. 3. WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL WE ARE ALL SALESPEOPLE 4. EVERYBODY SELLS SOMETHING High School boy asks, Dad, may I have the car tonight? Whether or not he gets it depends on how well he sells the idea to dad. Mother wants a new kitchen. Sister wants to go abroad to study. Brother wants an iPhone. Employee wants a promotion. Boss wants to sell collaboration to his people. Politician wants to sell to the voters. The bride wants to sell her husband on the idea that he made a good deal when he married her. Husband, on the other hand, is trying to sell her the idea of keeping expenses down The Best Lawyer, The Best Doctor. The Best arent the Best coz they topped college. They have a name because they sold themselves to their communities. You dont ask them for their technical competence. You just assume that they are good. 5. NO TRICKS We are all salesmen, everyday of our lives. We our selling our ideas, plans, energies, enthusisams, to those we come in contact with. Charles Schwab The biggest thing in human life, is not selling things, but selling yourself. Edward Wiggam Selling Yourself To Others Is No Trick At All. Its Easy, Its Fun And You Can Learn It. 6. presents How To Sell Yourself To Others by Chetan Walia August 19th, New Delhi The event will give you practical, not theoretical ways, to get further in life - and sell yourself. It will help you to attain the daydreams that may have blown up, or become nightmares. It will help you nd the right words at the right time that will spell success for you. 7. Heres What You Will Learn 1- Dont Make em Drink. Make em Thirsty. 2- Giving Value First. 3- Get In Step With People. Being one of them. 4- Make em a part of your act. 5- The other sides angle. 6- How to Expose Yourself. 7- Psychologists Hypnotist Secret. 8- A Magic Formula To Get Noticed and Stand Apart. 9- How to keep from losing friends and relations. 10- How to become a personal advisor to people (bosses too)? 11- People like to hear wedding bells not funeral chimes. 12- Overcoming shyness, timidity - A simple formula. 13- Can NEVER erase the spoken word. 14- Staying Energized forever. Throwing away the tired feeling 15- How to become Popular with a Basic Rule. 16- The power of Thank You. 17- A lesson on the Words that work and Words that guarantee you are hated. 18- An easy way to get people to cooperate with you. 19- The Power In Words. 20- When you want to talk, other will listen, if..... 21- What can I offer - How to waive this magic. 22- Let the other people argue your case. 23- How to be a smart director of events to turn them into your favor. 24- A Secret for Doubling the Power of your Words. 8. Heres More 25- How to Tell Jokes That Inuence People. 26- Techniques for Traveling, Making Friends and Keeping Contacts forever. 27- Wise Ways to Get Along With People who Matter. 28- Why Do Most Inventors Die Poor? 29- Make Your Propositions a Best Seller. 30- Trade Secrets from the most networked Businessman. 31- Pleasure - Pain - The Golden Key To Inuencing Human Behaviour. 32- How To Sell The Sizzle, not the Sizzler. 33- Getting Ahead Faster - A Few Tips - Lifelong of Lessons. 34- Two Little words That Paid Off big Dividends. 35- How To Help the Other Fellow To Be Right. 36- Dreams, Needs and Nightmares that make up your daily life. 37- To Get Ahead Faster - Take The Brakes Off! 38- Selling Yourself To Children and Selling Children on Life. 39- Why You Should Learn The Art of Remembering Names. 40- How To Remember Names. 41- How To Remember Things. 42- How To Use Body Language. 43- When To Throw This Learning Out Of The Window. 44- The Secret Ingredient To your Success. ...... and lots, lots, more.... 9. WHAT NEXT The Event: How To Sell Yourself To Others The Date: August 19th, 2013 - 9 AM to 9 PM The Place: New Delhi (exact venue details to follow) To Register: Call 91 9810225218 (Deepti Dhingra). The Investment: INR 19900 per person: Includes: Your Event Attendance, Lunch, Workbook, Recording of the Entire Event, Dinner with the Faculty. Registrations Close On Or Before 27th July. Limited seats are available so call soon. Guarantee: If for any reason at the completion of the event, you feel this wasnt of immense value to you, just ask any of our representatives for a refund. No questions will be asked, and a refund will be issued right away.

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