How to sell your business without the hassle of doing it yourself

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  • How To Sell Your Business

    For Top Dollar & The LEAST

    Amount Of Hassle

  • Your Business Will Sell:

    Fast For Top Dollar With the Least Amount of

    HassleSell Your Business For Top Dollar

    Corporate Business Brokers, Inc.

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  • Youll Receive Superior Results

    Unique Team System Exclusive and Innovative Marketing Programs Leading Edge Technology Specialized Knowledge

  • 72% of Business Owners Are Very Dissatisfied With Their

    Business Brokers Performance

  • The Major Reason: POOR COMMUNICATION

  • Rules of Engagement

    Page # 2


    (1) Client must provide Broker up to date and timely P&L statements on a quarterly basis. P&L statements to be submitted to Broker within 30 days of previous quarter ending.

    Q1 submitted by April 30, Q2 submitted by August 30, Q3, submitted by October 30 Q4 submitted by January 30

    (2) Client agrees to operate the business diligently and carry on activities and operations in the same manner as has been customary in the past. (Deviation is Important - discuss with Broker).

    (3) Client agrees to operate the business with a keen eye on increasing sales and decreasing expenses to show an upward trend in sales and profits.

    (4) Client must notify Broker immediately if there is a significant change in employees. (5) Client must notify Broker immediately if there is a significant change in suppliers or

    customers, or anything else that may change the value of the business in either direction. (6) Client must notify Broker immediately if any new rules, regulations or any other unforeseen

    challenges should suddenly show up that could affect the value of the business in either direction.

    BROKER FEE As compensation for its representation and subsequent successful sale of Clients company, Broker shall be entitled to the following fee structure:

    $___________ Retainer Fee. (Silver Marketing Plan Included). Retainer Fee shall be deducted from the success fee (commission) if company is sold, or in contract within 12 months.

    Client agrees to pay the following success fee to Broker for services: 10% of the Aggregate Consideration between $0.00 and $1,000,000.00 9% of the Aggregate Consideration between $1,000,001.00 and $2,000,000.00 8% of the Aggregate Consideration between $2,000,001.00 and $3,000,00.00 6% of the Aggregate Consideration between $3,000,001.00 and $4,000,000.00 4% of the Aggregate Consideration between $4,000,001.00 and above.

  • Rules of Engagement

    Page # 1

    PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES The purpose of this Addendum is to set forth the terms, condition, duties and obligations of each party during this agreement. SCOPE OF SERVICES PROVIDED BY BROKER Broker will represent and assist Client in identifying prospective purchasers and in analyzing, structuring, negotiating and effecting a merger or acquisition. Brokers services include:

    (1) Developing (with Client) a list of prospective purchasers; (2) Preparing a memorandum, which will describe the Client (3) Broker will counsel with Client as to the structure and form of the proposed sale. (4) Broker will develop and implement a marketing plan as indicated on Clients chosen

    marketing plan. (attached) a. ___ Silver Marketing Plan (Included) b. ___ Gold Marketing Plan c. ___ Diamond Marketing Plan

    (5) Broker ____ may ___ may not use photographs of the Business for marketing purposes. (6) Broker will vet all interested parties, and before any information is released, Broker shall

    require: a. A signed and dated Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). b. Brief Bio of interested buyer c. Signed basic financial statement by interested buyer (and all prospective

    partners). (7) Broker shall notify Client about the interested prospective buyer, and if Client approves,

    Broker shall release Offering Memorandum which includes information about the business. P&L statements, website, industry and market information, etc.

    (8) Broker will not release or disclose Company Tax Returns unless there is a signed Letter of Intent (LOI) or Purchase Agreement unless otherwise instructed to do so in writing by Client.

    (9) Broker will arrange showing the Business to prospective purchasers and other cooperating brokers.

    (10) Broker will council with Client as to strategy and tactics for initiating discussions and negotiating with a prospective purchaser, and participating in such discussions and negotiations;

    (11) Broker shall assist Client in negotiating a definitive agreement; and any other activities Broker deems necessary and reasonable to assist in a smooth transaction.

    (12) Broker shall represent Client exclusively during the showing process. After a signed agreement between buyer and seller, and a deposit is held in escrow, Broker transitions into a transaction broker and represents the transaction.

  • What Our Clients Have to SayWowThiscompanyreallyout-performedmyexpectations.Originally,Ithoughtitwouldtakea







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    business.Doug Carney - Sunnyland Canvas




    entireprocessandhighlyrecommendPaulandtheteamtoanyone. Chris Vick - A Moments Notice Healthcare - Buyer

    TC Bradley 114 Recommendations | Become a Best Selling Author & Seen in Media | Strategic Media Publicity & Publishing For Leaders! Paul is very old school in his approach in business. A man's word is his bond and he honors his word

    and agreements. Besides his expertise, Paul brings his integrity to anything he does. You will be well served by Paul...if you can get him. May 22, 2016, TC was a consultant or contractor to Paul at Corporate Business Brokers, Inc.

    Ron Struthers Broker Associate at Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT Paul is a work horse. When given an assignment he aggressively pursues his goals. I worked with Paul In The Charlotte market before he moved to the east coast We miss his caliber of broker in our

    community December 23, 2014, Ron was with another company when working with Paul at Corporate Business Brokers, Inc.

    Elwood Lee Owner, B2B Online Marketing Solutions, Web Design, Lead Generation, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Paul has one of the most amazing marketing minds in the Real Estate Industry that I've had the pleasure

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    Denise Russos Click to drag this recommendation Certified Life Coach, Professional Organizer, Time Management & Productivity Coach at Denise Russos Paul is a go-getter. He is dedicated to achieving whatever goal he sets for himself and he uses all his

    resources to achieve that, whether for himself or for his clients. January 7, 2014, Denise worked directly with Paul at Corporate Business Brokers, Inc.

  • 4 Types of Business Brokers

    The Big Houses with 100+ agents Good ol Boy Brokers run by retired

    executives Mom & Pop Shops Us (Corporate Business Brokers, Inc.)

    Were Different

  • First Type of Business Broker

    The Big Houses with 100+ Agents. To them, you are nothing more than a number. The more listings their shop has, the more buyer calls they will get - giving them a shot at selling something.

    Confidentiality is a HUGE risk because your files are accessed by everyone.

  • 2nd Type of Business Broker

    Good ol Boy Brokers run by retired executives. They really dont sell anything and could care less because theyre living on a pension. Their business card gives them something to hand out and talk about at the local country club.

    They hardly ever return a phone call or sell anything

  • 3rd Type of Business Broker

    Mom & Pop Shops - Pop works out of a spare bedroom in the house, and mom sometimes answers the phone.

    They actually do a little business, but theyre so busy doing everything all by themselves, they never answer the phone, and hardly ever return a phone call or email.

  • One Size Fits All Marketing Program

    They All have a One Size Fits All Marketing Program For Your Business

    This Take It Or Leave It Mentality Does Mo