How To Reuse Your Content! (Guide For Writers!)

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  • By Kaylin Art

  • If you blog a lot, you may be disappointed with your results.

    You may of not have gotten the traffic you wanted.

    It can take a long time to build up a blog! Its hard work.

    Sometimes we can feel a bit discouraged with the lack of


  • Audio and Video is becoming increasingly popular. It allows

    people to indulge on their content on the go.

    What Can do you do with Audio and Video content.

    - Upload to youtube (Enable Advertising for simple passive


    - Turn your blog post into a podcast

    - Make into an Audible book

    - Slideshare Presentation: To help you get more viewers.

  • While one blog post isn't sufficient to a whole book, Plan your

    chapters ahead of time. And begin writing blog posts that can

    eventually be combined into a full sized book.

    - Upload to KDP.

    - Upload to Nook

    - Upload to Google, Apple etc.

    Your book then can be made into an audio book.

  • Slideshows are perfect for blog posts, Because it gives a more

    visual outlet for your content!

    You can upload Slideshows to Youtube and Slideshare

  • SEO

    Sometimes blog posts can't be changed once we post them. But we can change how well they perform overtime, And improve our tactics.

    - Use SEO to determine the perfect keywords for your post.

    - Use long tail keywords.

    Build A following!

    They say that you only need 1,000 True fans to make a living, Focus on your viewers, Your readers. Build them up and offer value.