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Updated & even more interesting.If you want to get started with Foursquare then this guide is for you.Start mobile marketing today.


  • 1. How to start mobile marketing with Foursquare today. A Practical Guide 1Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 2. marketing needs single-mindedness. so you can do more with your time. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. 2Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 3. @damiensaunders 3Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 4. Problem - no one has time for all the new marketing stuff. Mobile is becoming the new focus of integrated marketing. Foursquare provides the location incentives and tools to help you get started with mobile marketing today. So you dont have to commit to big budget, low value vouchers. 4Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 5. Smart phone 2011 How ready is your business for the next wave of smart phones? 5Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 6. Smart phone 2013? No this is a wrist phone watch from 2011 6Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 7. Wednesday, 16 November 11 93 the percentage of 18 29 year old with a mobile 7
  • 8. Wednesday, 16 November 11 30 the percentage of people in a recent study who compare prices using their mobile while out shopping 8
  • 9. 50 The percentage of smartphone users who have apps installed 9Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 10. Wednesday, 16 November 11 100 million activated Android mobiles 10
  • 11. Saturday Nights All Right 11Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 12. Claim your stores on Foursquare Click here to claim Be creative and offer something to your followers and reward Mayors Be fun. Do you want a badge for repeat visitors? 12Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 13. Be a Pro at Foursquare Using Foursquare yourself is the best way to understand the mechanics. And its the best way to find out how your competition is using Foursquare. Finally .. you can get badges like this for 1000+ checkins. 13Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 14. Create your own brand identity To make it easier to manage your stores and marketing create a new Foursquare account in the name of your brand or client. Once created, start looking for customers who checkin to your store. 14Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 15. Put up Posters or Stickers 15Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 16. Reward the Mayor 16 13Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 17. Get more people in your store Hold a Swarm Badge Party 17Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 18. Track your checkins & trends 18 15Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 19. You can call me Loyal A Manifesto to the Loyal. Your loyal and best customers dont have to check-in every day. Your loyal customers rave about you. Loyalty is the Recommend and Add Tips for you. best badge to What are you doing for them? earn on Foursquare. read more about it. 19Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 20. 11 step guide to Foursquare1. Be a Pro at Foursquare2. Claim your business on Foursquare3. Create your own brand identity in Foursquare4. Add a prize or incentives for people to visit your shop5. Reward the Mayor6. Add Tips & To Dos to your stores7. Put Stickers or Posters in Store8. Hold a Foursquare Swarm Badge Party9. Track Checkins & Trends10.Promote Foursquare on Twitter, Facebook & your website.11. Focus on returning and loyal customers 20Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 21. How much time does this take? Dont worry! YOU CAN You determine the SPEND AS time you want to spend on Social LITTLE AS 30 Media or LOLling MINUTES around with your EACH DAY customers. 21Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 22. Trends in digital marketing Ol Skool Nu Skool Print Ads Social Media Data Analytics Magazines E-mail Automated Expos & Trade CRM Marketing Shows How to Videos Location based Tele-sales Banner Ads Time-limited Search deals Direct Mail SEO Re-targeting Radio Online-Offline Viral TV Targetting 22Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 23. marketing needs Bri3sh Interac3ve Media Associa3on - Member single-mindedness. so you can do more with your time. This work is licensed under the Crea3ve Commons A7ribu3on-NonCommercial- ShareAlike License. To view a copy of this license, visit h7p://; or, (b) send a le7er to Crea3ve Commons, 171 2nd Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.Wednesday, 16 November 11
  • 24. Want to read more? click to visit 24Wednesday, 16 November 11