How Do We Save Our Digital Lives? Introduction

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An Introduction to the presentation, "How Do We Save Our Digital Lives."


  • 1.How do we save our digital lives?

2. THIS IS ME, A LOOOOOONG TIME AGO 3. This is my mother, from an even longer time ago 4. This is my diary, 15 years ago 5. This is my father, the evening he would meet my mother 6. THESE ARE THE PIECES OF MY LIFES EVIDENCE THESE ARE MY PERSONAL ARTIFACTS 7. WITH SOCIAL MEDIA, WE ARE CAPTURING MORE PERSONAL ARTIFACTS THAN EVER BEFORE 8. BUT BECAUSE OF THIS, WE ARE NO LONGER CAPTURING OUR PERSONAL ARTIFCATS IN A FORMAT THAN CAN EASILY BE PRESERVED 9. EVERYTHING IS DIGITAL Our personal artifacts are on sites where the host or web service provider ultimately has control 10. NOW WE DONT HAVE TO KEEP EVERYTHING 11. But we do want to make sure some things are preserved for the next generation, for historians, for archivists 12. To understand humanity 13. How do we save our digital lives? And why is it so important we begin to really think about this?