How could links be created for Europe to become more competitive?

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Last Thursday, November 13th, Paolo Bonaretti, ASTER General Manager, has attended the Annual Event of Vanguard Regions Initiative Joining Forces for Investment in the Future of Europe, in Milan.


  • 1. How could links be created for Europe to become more competitive?Paolo Bonaretti General Manager ASTER S. Cons. P. A.

2. Important Considerations for the European Industrial Renaissance & Competitiveness2Lessons from the first Renaissance: stimulate creativity and invest in human capitalTechnology is important but we must think out of silos and develop horizontal capacitiesWe need to collaborate as genuine partners at regional, national, European and Global levelsCompetitiveness needs to be mainstreamed across all EU policies and demonstrated at a regional levelWe need a Europe that encourages, nurtures and attracts talent to drive growth 3. 3Emilia- Romagna StrategyPilot transnational initiatives to identify barriers for SMEs & to inform on-going international trade agreementsTools to establish integrated competitiveness baselines for monitoring regional progressInnovative financing mechanisms for SMEs and micro- enterprisesModel based on consensus & collaboration (districts, clusters, high tech platforms)Developing and extending the Global Mfg Renaissance Alliance and the EU Industrial Renaissance Alliance 4. Manufacturing/Industrial Renaissance The Drivers and Use of Funds4Integration in use of funds at Regional level to achieve ambitions of the new EU CommissionTechnology + Innovation + DigitalHuman Capital Development + New JobsGreen and sustainable industryNew instruments to finance the real economyNew urban economy (Research & Services)Towards knowledge and know-howDigital manufacturing and makers 5. Innovation and Smart IndustryInnovation in Access to FinanceSmart RegulationSkills for an Innovative and Competitive EuropeInclusive, Equitable and Sustainable GrowthEuropean Industrial Renaissance Alliance VISION Mainstreaming CompetitivenessIndustry as the driver for European RenaissanceA Learning Platform for Integrated Approaches to Mainstreaming Competitiveness - Regional Level Solutions for a European Industrial RenaissanceThematic Areas 6. The Global Manufacturing Renaissance Alliance6 7. Where to go from now?Currently planning to implement:With the EUA road show of thematic workshops based on the EIRA themes Starting in early 2015With the USPiloting transnational clustersWith the ILO linked to the preparation for the ILO Conference theme Global Value ChainsConsultative workshops with tri-partite social partners on the interpretation of the term Industrial Renaissance 8. Conclusions8Set the basis for mainstreaming competitiveness across EU policiesRegions pivotal to establishing ecosystems that underpin the European Industrial Renaissance and leverage public and private investmentsSmart specialisation is a catalyst to build on excellences and the synergy in the use of fundsEuropean and international collaborative platforms contribute to innovation and higher value and the inclusion of EU companies in global value chainsIndustrial Renaissance can pave the way for a new model of growth and can contribute to accelerating the completion of the Single MarketEmilia-Romagnas experience at the European level and within the global value chains can be put at the disposal of the VI 9. Thank you for your attentionPaolo Bonaretti General Manager ASTER S. Cons. P. A.


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