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How to hire and when to fire an employee

Text of Hiring employees

  • 1. Building a Business Hiring Employees

2. Hire or Use Temporary Help

  • Should you hire a new employee or contract with a firm to provide the skill?
  • That depends on:
  • ~ How specialized the skill required is
  • ~ Duration of the skill required
  • ~ Whether you want to retain theexperience gained by working on the project or whether it is ok to let go

3. Hiring The Key

  • Hire CHARACTER First
  • Most companies hire SKILLS first and HOPE they get character
  • Be SLOW to hire and FAST to fire, rather than the other way around

4. Character Attributes

  • What are the Character Qualities you are looking for?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

5. Consideration #1

  • Realize that
    • Your time is valuable
    • There is a limit to what you can contribute to the business
    • You will need to hire so that you can focus your talents in the area of the business that
      • Needs it most
      • Will cause the most growth

6. Consideration #2

  • Each manager should hire their own direct reports
  • When hiring, involve peers, if possible.Have a 2 ndopinion.
  • Encourage the hiring of the best

7. Consideration #3

  • Prioritize your hiring needs
  • Focus on what will help you to expand your business
    • Do you hire a person with the exact skills that you need but has no ability to grow?
      • or
    • Do you hire a person to train but has the skills to grow with the company?

8. Consideration #4

  • Job Positions
  • ~ Establish job positions with descriptions
  • ~ Hire people into positions, Do not create positions for people
  • Put together a prioritized skill list and create a job posting (advertisement for the job)
    • List required:
      • Skills
      • Education
      • Experience

9. Consideration #5

  • How do you let the people with the skills that you are trying to hire know that your business is hiring?
    • Where do you put your job posting?
      • In your store
      • In your local newspaper
  • Place the job posting in a place where the person with the skills youre looking for will see it

10. Finding the Right Person

  • How are you going to determine if the person has these skills?
    • Interview
      • Think of and list the questions youll need to ask to discover if the person has the skills youre looking for
    • Skills
    • Talk to references
      • See how they performed in previous jobs

11. So Youve Decided to Hire Now What?

  • How are you going to determine if you are hiring the right person for the job?
    • Answer:Think about the skills that the position requires and develop a list

12. Time Your Hiring Wisely

  • Consider the time it takes to train a new employee.
    • Even someone with experience needs time to understand and be productive in your business
  • Consider the time it takes you or another employee to train the new employee

13. Should you Hire Someone with Experience?

  • That depends
    • The type of position youre looking for
    • On how soon you want them to be productive
    • If you can pay the salary
  • But if you are tempted to hire someone without experience just because of the salary issue, think again.

14. Team Considerations

  • Look for someone that will fit in with your team
  • Look for someone with complementary skills (and probably not the exact same skills that you have)
  • Goal:Develop a well-rounded team that contributes to the growth and success of your business using their unique skills and talents.

15. Finally

  • Hiring the wrong person is worse than not hiring at all