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Subscription pet food delivery service. (SAAS acquiring) Advantageous subscription terms (Long-term subscription period=you pay less)

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  • HappyTom Subscription pet food delivery service Executive Summary
  • Company HappyTom subscription pet food delivery service. (SAAS acquiring); We are obsessed with website usabilityand high level of customer service; Diets composed by veterinarian-nutritionist; Famous brands from super-premium segment (RoyalCanin, Hils, Purina Pro Plan); Free onlineadvice from veterinariansin your city; Currently, our subscribersbase 25 customers.Average price 42$ (500 UAH). Segmentation and target audience Segment: Women, aged 25-55, disposableincome, without children or empty nesters. Who will we target? Picture 1: Woman (aged 25-35), professional (career-oriented), almost dont have time on household matters. Who will we target? Picture 2: Adult family (aged 45-55), who live separatelyfrom their children. Executive Summary (1-5)
  • Market Our market EU countries (UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland,Ukraine) with representativebranches. Kick off in Polandand Ukraine in October 2014; Data: Annualgrowth of domestic animalpopulation - 2%; Market is resistant to economic downturns and recessions; Annualgrowth of demand 5%; Annualgrowth of e-commerce sector 10%; Market volume 5,7 bln. $ (Poland and Ukraine 800 mln. $). Competitors Executive Summary (2-5) Ukraine Poland Germany United Kingdom Netherlands Italy Spain France zootovary.com zooplus.pl zooplus.de petsathome.com zooplus.nl zooplus.it zooplus.es zooplus.fr pethouse.ua krakvet.pl fressnapf.de zooplus.co.uk ranzijn.nl giramico.it mascotaplanet.com wanimo.com zooapteka.kiev.ua animalia.pl bitiba.de petplanet.co.uk zooroyal.de pet-supermarket.co.uk
  • Our competitive advantages - Direct recommendationsfrom veterinary clinics - Advantageoussubscriptionterms (Long-term subscriptionperiod=you pay less) - Free onlineconsultationfrom veterinarian-nutritionist+ individualdiet planningwith instant subscription - Launch of apps on AppStore, Google play - Cooperationwith charity funds (quick growth of loyaltyto our brand) - Attractive affiliateprogram - Example: tell a friend and get a free month subscription! - And your friend will get a discount for the initialsubscription! Executive Summary (3-5)
  • Growth stages Seed round Kick off in Poland and Ukraine (October 2014); Timeframe - 6 months; Website launch and start developingan app; Objective:amount of customers 1k; Round A Timeframe 12 months; Objective:kick off in UK, France, Germany, Netherlands,Italy, Spain; Number of customers 16k; Round B Scaling in represented countries; Objective:increase gross sales up to 40$ mln. per year, net profit by 10% Executive Summary (4-5)
  • Our team: Sergey Shukailo co-founder & CFO(Finance, Marketing, HR, Clientssupport) mycash.ua +38 (050) 477 93 69, s.shukailo@gmail.com Victor Nikonets co-founder & CEO(Sales, Marketing, Operating activity, Organization) mycash.ua +38 (067) 549 73 44, vk00@nm.ru Experience in attracting investmenton seed & round A stages (Mycash). Achievement of KPIs. Executive Summary (5-5)