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Ever wondered why should you make your team happier? Ever thought of an idea of team happiness being the leading indicator? Ever tried to actually measure it and draw conclusions? Well, neither did I. Months later, after serial research, I've found perfect definition of happiness and devised a proper way of making use of it. Attached is the excerpt with some highlights of presentation I held at Ericsson in January 2014.

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  • 1.Happiest Team Ever Stockholm, January 28th 2014

2. Lucas Olczyk Worlds Happiest Coach Writer Passionate about psychology Personal development experimenter (Used to be) The luckiest guy alive 3. Why Happiness? (Or Why Should We Care) 4. Unhappy employee 2 times as sick 6 times as absent 45% as creative 5. Happy employee 9 times as loyal 31% more productive career longer by 5 to 7 years 6. What Is Happiness? Best Leading Indicator Happier Day By Day (And Why We Grossly Misunderstand It)(Or How To Measure Happiness The Agile Way!)(Or How We Improve It) 7. What Is Happiness (And Why We Grossly Misunderstand It) 8. Are you happy? 9. Happiness vs.Extasy 10. Subjective Well Being 11. Best Leading Indicator (Or How To Measure Happiness The Agile Way!) 12. Sprint 1 13. Q: Are you happy? 14. A: WTF? 15. Sprint 4 16. Q: Considering happiness is SWB, how happy, in a scale of 1 to 10, do you feel in your team? 17. (Plan for) Sprint 5 18. Q2: Considering happiness is SWB, how unhappy, in a scale of 1 to 10, do you feel in your team? 19. Happier Day By Day (Or How We Improve It) 20. No extrinsic happiness! 21. (dear managers: no extrinsic motivation as well) 22. Step 2 23. Unleash the imagination 24. Step 3 25. Plan Do Check Act 26. Things to go wrong 27. The interviewer 28. All hands on deck! approach 29. Key To Personal Happiness (Or, Yes, I Have A Bonus Chapter!) 30. Assertiveness 31. Acceptance 32. Persistance viaDelayed gratification andUnderstanding of habits 33. Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln 34. thank you Lucas Olczyk