Gridded Lives

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  • Gridded LivesAmerica ComparedAmerican History in International PerspectiveH141/Kristen Cox

  • Gridded LivesSimilarities between Karaganda, Kazakhstan and Billings, Montana Utilization of gridded street systemBoth products of end of industrial ageBoth cities land was formerly considered worthlessBuilt city from agricultural territoryKaraganda and Billings both had railroads, centralizing them as railroad townsMajor differences of Karaganda and Billings People willingly migrated to Billings, thought the industrialization boom, prosperityRussian government forced prisoners and families to move to Karaganda

  • Gridded Lives: KaragandasEarly 1900 Russian government discovered Karagandas potential in miningsent thousands of prisoners to work in the minesdisplaced thousands of native Kazakhstans to different areasmany died from famineNeeded food for minersSent thousands of families to work in the fields to produce cropsGovernment over mined area, city movedThe new location of Karaganda currently the 4th largest city in Kazakhstan

  • Gridded Lives: Billings1881 on land considered worthless city of Billings builtwas a barren, waterless alkali flat of sage brush with occasional oasisMinimal water provided by Yellowstone River, outskirts of town Frederick Billings mislead the future residents of Billings into thinking it was a beautiful forest, with endless resources and capabilitiesFalse description attracted thousands, from all over the world Families spent all money on move and property, couldnt afford to move, had to stayModern day Billings has become successful due to industrialization Is the largest city in Montana