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Gregg Warburton of Canton, MA graduated cum laude from Stonehill College (Massachusetts) majoring in economics. After finishing his graduation, he completed an internship with the FDIC at the Washington Center. The highlight of his professional experience includes working for Verizon for over 2 decades, where he served as a Budget Manager, Project Manager, and Estimate Assignment Supervisor.


<ul><li> 1. Gregg Warburton Is A Talented Individual</li></ul> <p> 2. Gregg T. Warburton lives in Canton MA with hiswife and family. His family includes one son, twodaughters, a Maine Coon Cat, and a Himalayancat. In the past, he has had other pets likeGerman Shepherds, cats, tortoises, snakes,chinchilla, and fish. He is a generous, kindindividual who frequently donates to variety ofcharities including United Way, Salvation Army,Epilepsy Foundation, Canton Fire, and CantonPolice. Gregg harbors immense affection andkindness for animals, and he frequentlyvolunteers at the Norwood Shelter. He is also acommittee member of JH Carr AlzheimersFoundation, and also a member of Pioneers ofAmerica Organization. 3. He is an energetic and hardworking person witha huge experience that he earned while workingwith different aspects of his job both as anoutside plant engineer and a project managerwith Verizon. His experience, skills, andknowledge made him capable of performing avariety of tasks and activities. He managed vitalaccounts like federal agencies such as the U.S.Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department ofInterior, The North End, VeteransAdministration, and The Boston Stock Exchangeduring his professional tenure at Verizon. 4. His areas of expertise include projectmanagement, client relations, financialmanagement, telecommunications, strategicplanning, logistics, employee training, andnetwork design. He has additional training inAlpha IV, Hill Associates, and has also takenadditional courses in data communication.Also, he is a JH Carr Alzheimers FoundationCommittee Member and a member of Pioneersof America Organization. 5. Thank You! 6. Thank You!</p>


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