Get Zippo Lighter Survival Fire Making from We Get Personal

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Get Zippo Lighter Survival Fire Making from We Get Personal

Get Zippo Lighter Survival Fire Making from We Get Personal

Zippo Lighter Survival Fire Making | We GetPersonalLike many brave soldiers fighting for our country, there are lots of war veterans that have a heavy smoking habit.

Yes, it was a bad habit but we cant blame them because of the fact that the nicotine gives a sense of satisfaction and relaxation every pop. These GIs will not just bring their riffles, secondary weapon hand guns and knives. Along with them is a pack of cigarette and a Zippo lighter.

PopularityZippo lighter was first produced back in 1933 by a guy named George G. Blaisdell. The lighter was developed thanks to the concept of Austrians lighter. Austrian cigarette lighter has a similar design made by IMCO.

While an average person can easily determine a zippo lighter over Austrian lighter by checking the size, the authenticity of the brand by checking the logo and the sound. The name zippo was inspired by the word Zipper, hilarious isnt it? During the Word War II, zippo lighter is the primary survival kit by many soldiers.

Zippo lighter did not just dominate its popularity over American soldiers but also in the movie industry.

There are many American films and other filming industry which featurezippo lighter.

Nowadays, you no longer need to be an American soldier in order for you to have one. There are many zippo lighters available with various designs, materials and uniqueness. One of the most zippo versions is the classic personalised zippo lighter.Zippo as fire making kit

Zippo lighter as survival kitZippo lighter can work even in the cold. But keep in mind that a zippo lighter using a butane fuel can be affected by the altitude. If the lighter gets wet, it may not work.

In addition, there was an old legend whereas; a certain soldier survived a raging bullet because of his zippo. The damaged has been done, but it did stop the bullet to penetrate to his body.

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