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<ul><li> 1. Na tu ra l Fru it Fra n c h is e Gro u p 770 We s t 20 th S tre e t Hia le a h , Flo rid a 33010 WWW.NFC-FRUTI.COM </li> <li> 2. Agenda Who are Natural Fruit Corp &amp; Natural Fruit Franchise Group? Our products The Mars Partnership Our franchise model. The numbers Market size &amp; trends Territories descriptions </li> <li> 3. Natural Fruit CorporationCompany-Established in Florida 1985Sales Evolution-Through Private Label and BrandedProduct SalesStructure: Private, 100% Minority OwnershipCorporationKey Private Label Customers: List Provided onRequestKey Markets: US, Canada, Puerto RicoFormed Natural Fruit Franchise Group </li> <li> 4. Excellence in ManufacturingThe owners of South Florida based Natural Fruit Corporation built their careers as they traveled the world for a multinational corporation gaining invaluable expertise and training in all aspects of food processing.Today Natural Fruit Corporation is operated with over 50 years of expertise in Food Processing. </li> <li> 5. Natural Fruit CorporationProducers of Premium Frozen Fruit Bars Quality Processes Quality Products </li> <li> 6. Facility Specifications Hurricane Resistant Facilities FPL remote generator initiation enabled 100% Generator Power Capacity to run all freezers 24/7 on demand 25,000 Sq. Ft. Manufacturing Facility 10,000 Sq. Ft. Freezer Capacity 180 tons of Freezing Capacity State of the Art Versaline Manufacturing Equipment </li> <li> 7. 2009 NFC Corporate Initiatives Sustainable Packaging Initiatives Increased Shipping Efficiencies Increased Recycling Initiatives Waste Elimination through all aspects of the manufacturing process Continued Dedication to Consumer Satisfaction </li> <li> 8. Product Fact Sheet Fruit First Formulation 100 % All Natural Ingredients Premium Selected Fruits No Additives or Preservatives Naturally Low in Calories Twenty Flavors to Suit All Tastes Bilingual Packaging: French and Spanish Kosher Certified Gluten Free </li> <li> 9. Setting the Bar Always Fruit First!Natural Fruit Ingredient ListINGREDIENTS:STRAWBERRIES, WATER, FRUCTOSE, SUCROSE, NATURAL STABILIZERS (GUAR GUM, CAROB BEAN GUM, CARRAGEENAN), CITRIC ACID.National Brand Ingredient ListINGREDIENTS:water, strawberries, sugar, carob bean gum, natural flavors, guar gum, citric acid, color (beet juice extract, turmeric color), ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) </li> <li> 10. Natural Fruit Flavors Strawberry-lemonade Strawberry Cream Raspberry-lemonade Strawberry-banana cream Banana Cream Strawberry Dipped in Chocolate Lemon Coconut Dipped in Chocolate Lime Coconut Orange Juice Pia Colada Raspberry Chocolate Yogurt Pineapple Passion Fruit Strawberry Watermelon (seasonal) No Sugar Added Strawberry Mango Caribbean Mix </li> <li> 11. Natural Fruit Corporation Gourmet Fruit Bar Chunks of Real Fruit Naturally Low Calorie Natural Ingredients No Preservatives No Salt No Cholesterol 100% Natural </li> <li> 12. Mars Ice Cream Partnership </li> <li> 13. TWIX Ice CreamBuilds on the success of SNICKERS Ice Cream up +41% in 2009!TWIX Ice Cream is growing +36% in all channels and is now the #8 item inConvenience!TWIX confectionary candy is up +15%, 5x the category average and now thefastest-growing brand within Mars Chocolate.Compact two-product line with standard and portion control offerings.TWIX Minis deliver REAL ICE CREAM goodness with just 90 calories perpiece! </li> <li> 14. DOVEBAR Miniatures Caf Collection DOVEBAR Miniatures are the fastest-moving super premium portion control product! In a recent consumer test, DOVEBAR Miniatures Caf Collection was the top ranked new product. Consumers claimed they would purchase the item 3 out of every 10 ice cream purchases. Will increase velocity at least +20% compared to the item that it replaces, DOVE Miniatures Milk Chocolate only (Item #33615). </li> <li> 15. What screams ice cream more than M&amp;Ms? - M&amp;Ms Ice Cream adds fun to your freezer with Yellow and Red leading the way! The worlds #1 candy brand with 100% brand awareness among ages 12 and over. The M&amp;Ms Cookie Sandwich moves at the same velocity as SNICKERS. </li> <li> 16. Substantial SatisfactionSubstantial Sales!The SNICKERS Ice Cream Bar hasbeen the #1 selling impulse icecream for 19 years! The SNICKERS 6-pack is now the#6 SKU in grocery. Franchise ice cream sales up +40%versus YA. The SNICKERS brand has 99%brand awareness. The portfolio got $6 million inadvertising support in 2009! </li> <li> 17. Mars Ice Cream Pints New Pint Flavor Descriptions: SNICKERS Rocky Road: Chocolate and marshmallow ice creams, chocolate-covered peanuts and chopped SNICKERS pieces. MILKY WAY: Chocolate malt ice cream, smooth caramel and chocolate chunks. TWIX Peanut Butter: Peanut butter ice cream, chocolate swirls, cookie balls and chopped TWIX pieces. </li> <li> 18. Mars Ice Cream Co.Mars is committed to real ice cream and the future of the Ice Cream category. - We believe consumers will reward us for not taking shortcuts with product quality. - We continue to invest in our products by using the industrys best chocolate, caramel and peanuts and do it ourselves for quality assurance. - We will not make Frozen Dairy Desserts or add ingredients like propylene glycol to our products. - We will provide lower-calorie, yet satisfying, ice cream options to keep consumers in the category as the population ages.Mars is committed to a category management approach everyone wins when the consumer can find their favorite brands.Mars Ice Cream is making big strides in sustainability. - Electricity usage is down -40% over the last five years. - Water usage is down -26% in the last two years. </li> <li> 19. Mars Ice Cream Brands Leading in Novelties Mars Nestle Unilever Mars Skus drove 70% of category dollar growth vs. YAG </li> <li> 20. Harness the Power of the Most Productive Skus toMeet Shopper Needs and Grow Category Sales and ProfitsMars Skus deliver almost twice the dollars per sku of the nearest competitor </li> <li> 21. Our Franchise Model Wholesale distributionsupply the retailers. Home office-based. Low start-up costs and low overhead operation. Strong margins and cash flow Convenience stores, family style restaurants, schools, hospitals, golf courses, etc. Any immediate consumption locations Our success is dependent upon your success! No royalties Business Builder Program for new franchisees. Continuous and ongoing support after launch. The full line of Fruti &amp; Mars ice cream products. Continuous new products pipeline from both companies. Exclusive territory Capacity of at least 1,000 freezers. Protected radius of 2 hours </li> <li> 22. Investment Franchise Fee $25,000 75 Freezers (lease option: 3 years @ $21/mo. $1 buyout.) Business Builder Program funds 76-200th freezers at no cost to franchisee Truck with freezer body (lease option). Leased space in freezer warehouse. Computer hardware and software. (lease option) Initial product inventory. Terms Initial training and field marketing support. Locates first 30 freezers for franchisee Sales and marketing materials. Working capital Total initial investment between $75,000-$101,000. </li> <li> 23. Franchisee CommentsId been looking at franchise opportunities for a number of years when I came across Chunks OFruti on the Internet. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with the product and thecompany.My father owned a supermarket and years later, my mother owned a convenience. I worked forboth of them and eventually ran my own convenience store for nearly 20 years. So, Ive spent a lotof my life working holidays and weekends. Once you get your business off the ground, thisopportunity gives you the flexibility to set your own hours and enjoy the things you might havemissed if you were tied to a physical location.George and Susan from Natural Fruit Corporation are wonderful. It really feels like Im in businesswith them, not for them.Another intriguing part of this business is coming up with new venues to place freezers. Yourconvenience stores are your bread-and-butter, but you can be creative with where you try to placefreezers. Mexican restaurants have become a niche for us.My kids love telling their friend my Daddy is in the ice cream business.Theres pretty good money to be made with this opportunity once you get your freezers place. </li> <li> 24. Contact InformationAcadia Business Advisors, LLC 207 370 8210 877 456 4197 </li> </ul>


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