Fresh Carpets for Easter with Andersen's Carpet Cleaning

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<ol><li> 1. Fresh Carpets for Easter with Andersens Carpet CleaningGet fresh carpets ready for Easter celebrationsThere is no denying global warming when the evidence is staring us right in the face, with weatherconditions virtually out of control and being harder to correctly forecast with each passing year.Australia is in the grip of La Nina, the weather feature that is at present literally crying rivers and causingsevere flooding over outback areas as well as the more inhabited cities and suburbs. Temperaturesseem to flit from one extreme to another, with cooling nights and early mornings being followed bystifling humidity for the rest of the day causing many to feel confused and irritable. Adding to our miseryis our homes being affected too with carpet cleaning Brisbane needed more often to keep them fresh.Thank Heaven for Andersens Carpet Cleaning services.High humidity and teeming rain serves to bring many problems to the home, including that dank mustysmell that permeates furnishings, lounges and carpets, as well as the dreaded black mould and commonmildew that clings like limpets to our walls. Even though mats are placed in doorways, they dont alwaysremove dampness from shoes, so unless shoes are removed before entering the home, they providebase of moisture for mould or mildew to grow which then causes obnoxious odours as well. Most of usensure our carpets are given the best of care daily followed by professional attention at certain times ofthe year, for example before Christmas and New Year Parties. Of course there are other occasions wecan choose to have a professional clean carried out such as birthdays, anniversaries or even Easter,when many of us have family coming to stay for the holidays.By far and away the best thing you can do for you carpets, and this is something that improves theoverall atmosphere of your home, is to call Andersens Carpet Cleaning. They will give you a quotebefore you book their services, follow up with their excellent service, and also give your upholstery agood going over too if you wish. It will be spotlessly clean and dry enough to walk on, and not only willthe carpet smell fresh, so will your entire home. If your nose is wrinkling with distaste at odd smellsthrough the home, especially if you have indoor pets, dont wait, call them now. See for yourself howfresh the whole home smells after the process is finished. Beverly C thought her friend was just beingoverly enthusiastic after her carpets had been done, but later admitted, I guess sometimes you have toexperience something for yourself to believe it, but Lily was right and now I know I am on to a winner.Andersens will always be my number one call."This was not Lilys first service as she had been using them for years. I found the perfect carpet cleanersBrisbane, with great service that is affordable, and the people at the other end of the phone werealways so courteous and helpful. Why would I need to go elsewhere? With Easter not far off and familycoming for another visit I have already booked in for my carpet cleaning service, and am takingadvantage of their upholstery service at the same time. If you want great service, a fresh smellinghome, courteous attention and all at a great price, call them now!</li></ol>


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