Franchise Marketers Beginners Guide to Social Media

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Social media no longer exists on the outskirts of successful franchise marketing strategy. In the modern landscape, successful branding and marketing campaigns must have a social element at their core in order to be relevant and sustainable.Prepared for Griffith Univeristy's Asia Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence, this Franchise Marketers Begginers Guide to Social Media is an up-to-the-minute resource for all marketing proffesionals in the franchising sector looking to make a start in Social Media.


<ul><li> 1. FRANCHISE MARKETERSBEGINNERS GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA2011</li></ul> <p> 2. THE NEW SOCIAL LANDSCAPE Social media no longer exists on the outskirts of successfulmarketing strategy. In the modern landscape, successful branding and marketingcampaigns must have a social element at their core in order to berelevant and sustainable. This Guide provides a snapshot of the franchise industry as itcurrently exists on the 5 major social media platforms Facebook YouTube Twitter LinkedIn 3. FACEBOOKIn AustraliaThere are 1110,000 newWe are one of themillion activeAustralian usersmost active countries,Australiansign up to Facebook with 60-70% of usFacebook usersevery day logging in 4. FACEBOOK MUSICNEWSFacebook is becomingTRAVEL integrated into everypart of our social lives.SHOPPIN 5. FACEBOOK GETTING STARTEDMUSICNEWS 1Head to and click Subscribe to and 2 browse the tabs on the leftTRAVEL Kick start your fan-base by clicking Invite 3 friends on the right hand side POLITIC 6. FACEBOOK CASE STUDY Dominos Australia 250,000 fans Fresh content Daily deals Engaging content Interesting Tabs Active fan-base Shareable 7. YOUTUBEThere are 48 hoursYouTube receives Its the worlds largestof content3 billion dailysocial network,uploaded to video views (100 receiving more trafficYouTube every million are on than Facebook!minutemobile) 8. YOUTUBE GETTING STARTED MUSICNEWS 1Head to Devise the goals you want to achieve with your video 2 content (education, entertainment, branding).TRAVEL Grow your channel rather than launching it, and 3 focus on quality of content, not quality of production. POLITIC 9. YOUTUBE CASE STUDYNandos Australia Information resource for people looking to buy a franchise. High value content with the goal of franchise recruitment Positions the Nandos brand as authoritative, helpful, andforward-thinking Could be improved further by including more local 10. TWITTERStarted out as an 65% of Fortune Ease of use andenhanced SMS100 companiesmobile capabilityplatform, now are active onmeans its perfect forused widely in B2BTwitter (vs just reaching moderncommunication 54% on Facebook) 11. TWITTER GETTING STARTEDMUSICNEWS 1Check that your brand name is available by signing upSet up a dedicated RSS Reader and add interesting blogs 2TRAVEL your industry. This is where youll find qualityfromcontent to Tweet out. Monitor your profile regularly and reach out to anyone 3 who mentions you or ReTweets your content. HootSuite POLITICS is a useful free tool for managing 12. TWITTER CASE STUDYGrilld BurgersVery active with a large socialcommunity Provides value to their followers Encourages engagement with the brand Uses Twitter for customer 13. LINKEDINThe worlds largest Dedicated toAdding 2 newprofessionalmakingmembers everynetwork 100 professionals second (1 millionmillion members more productive every week)&amp; 14. LINKEDIN GETTING STARTED MUSICNEWS 1Head to LinkedIn and create a Company Page for yourbusiness, and ask all employees to nominate it as theiremployer on their own LinkedIn profiles. Fill out your company description, using key terminology to 2 promote the value your business provides. This descriptionTRAVEL also appears on Google searches. POLITIC Populate your Services tab so people can see what you 3S provide and can recommend specific services to 15. LINKEDIN CASE STUDIESCompany Pages Pages are the ideal place to build a corporateprofile of your organisation. Allow people to follow you for updates,Starbucks LinkedInPage represents the sizeprovides a place to go for people to get and professionalism of the companyinformation on events, careers, news.LinkedIn Groups Utilising LinkedIn Groups to share knowledgeThe Franchise Professionals LinkedIn Group provides a among Franchisees.valuable forum for its members LinkedIn Groups provide a common forum for professionals to ask and answer 16. GOOGLE+Newest andStraddles the Recently opened upfastest-growing information-focus Company Pages,social network, of Twitter with allowing businesses toleverages the the interactivity grow their onlineubiquity of Google. of 17. GOOGLE+ GETTING STARTEDMUSICNEWS 1Log into any Google product (igoogle, gmail, etc) andcreate your G+ Page. During the sign-up process, link your G+ page to your 2TRAVEL company website to help Google identify the official relationship between your web and social presence. POLITIC Use to create a vanity (shortened) URL for 3 S your Business Page so it can be easily shared and 18. GOOGLE+ - CASE STUDIESMen In Kilts Promotional images and videos Sharing Franchising news &amp; 19. GOOGLE+ - CASE STUDIESPerm-a-Dry Uses their Google+ Page as a resource for information about their product By providing technical product information they are marketing for interested 20. GO FOR IT! Congratulations on taking the important step ofrecognising social medias importance to thefuture of your franchise. Social media is about building a community aroundyour franchises brand by building relationshipsand providing value. Be patient and consistent with your social mediaefforts and your franchise will experiencesustainable and long term 21. STAY IN </p>


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