Foursquare the next big thing

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A brief intro of Foursquare and some features which make it unique.


  • 1. Foursquare The next Bigthing? Rakesh Menon DMS, SOM, Pondicherry University

2. Foursquare is a location-based social networking websitefor mobile devices, such as smartphones Users "check in" at venues using a mobile website, textmessaging or a device-specific application by selectingfrom a list of venues the application locates nearby Location is based on GPS hardware in the mobile deviceor network location provided by the application. Eachcheck-in awards the user points and sometimes "badges" 3. Founders- Dennis Crowley Naveen Selvadurai 4. Mobile Application to check in and share information Uses phones GPS Features such as Mayorship, badges, scoring Mobile social mediaProduct 5. Product is free for users Download free from various service providers Recently started charging from merchants (Limited services) Charge merchants $ 10 when they discover new places andbusinesses in foursquares explore featurePrice 6. Mainly through Word of Mouth Customer involvement through social media as a medium Google SEO Collaboration through phone companies (Blackberry)Promotion 7. All parts of the world Major in America and Europe Features based on geographic locationPlace 8. Travellers/CommutersPeople who like offers and dealsTech savvy/ social media active participantsExtrovert PeopleTarget Customers 9. Gives a great combination of online and offline It functions through GPS social media, which will be thetrend for the future Unlike other location based apps, foursquare makes it funthrough interesting games, which can be customized bybusinesses Provides automated CRM data, such as knowing the habitsof customers who make check ins through foursquare Has the rare combination of making it interesting for thecustomers, but also helps businesses through this process Has a huge potential in its business modelWhat makes it different? 10. Thank you ( In Pondicherry)