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2. PRAMOD KUMAR SACHDEVA Chairman & Mentor- Entrepreneurship Development Centre at Varanasi with IIT BHU President Career Development Cell (CDC) at Varanasi Mg. Director - M.T.C. Bearing (P) LTD First indigenous Bearing Manufacturing unit in India at Varanasi FIE Member - Executive member of The Institute of Engineers (India ) Local Varanasi Centre at IIT (BHU) Consultant, Guide & Invitee Speaker to Engineering Colleges and FMS (BHU) Faculty at VARANASI 3. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS M.S. (MECH.ENGG.) From University of California, U.S.A 1968 Hons. A Grade B.Sc. ENGG. (MECH.) From IIT- B.H.U.(BENCO 67), Varanasi in 1967 With Hons. Pre University & High School - First Division With Merit Scholarship Specialization in Business Management (DBM , DTM & DTP) Chartered Engineer (India) & FIE Member of The Institution of Engineers (India) 4. EXPEREINCE INDUSTRIAL MATCO INCORPORATED, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. Head of Design & Development : AIRCRAFT BEARING DIGITAL SYSTEMS INC., CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. Chief Engineer & Head of R & D : AIR BEARING & Air Bearing Spindle assembly for Printed circuit Board for 125000 R.P.M M.T.C.BEARING (P) LTD , VARANASI ,INDIA Mg. Director & CEO : First Indigenous ISI Marked BEARING company in India ( An ISO 9001-2000 Certified). Make Bearings FOR POWER PLANTS & RAILWAYS. 5. Expertise Experience Guidance to students for advancement in technology its use and skills required. Provide professional practical training. Industrial training and exposure to Industrial placement acumen. Make students as an impressive personality. Providing concept of Entrepreneurship & its implementation. 6. PRAMOD SACHDEVA ( WITH FMS BHU ) VARANASI Mr. Pramod Sachdeva ,Managing DirectorMTC Bearing Pvt. Ltd.VARANASI Sub.: Request to act as a Resource Person in FDP 2013 Dear Mr. Sachdeva, Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2013. We are glad to inform you that the Faculty of Management Studies, BHU is organizing Faculty Development Program on Entrepreneurship Development from 2nd -13th January 2013. The FDP is an initiative under NIMAT Project 2012-13 of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The program is meant for faculty members from various disciplines viz., Science, Technology, Social Sciences, Commerce, Polytechnic, etc. and persons from organizations engaged in entrepreneurship development. The program is intended to acquaint the participants with various aspects of entrepreneurship development. There will be four technical sessions of one and a half hour duration each per day. The session will commence from 9.30 AM and will continue up to 5.00 PM. Sir, we take this opportunity to invite you to deliver a lecture. A line of confirmation from your end will be highly appreciated. With profound regards, Prof. Raj Kumar Prof. S.K. Singh Program Coordinator, Head & Dean FDP on Entrepreneurship Development, Faculty of Management Studies, Faculty of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University. Banaras Hindu University. +91 9415991709 7. TECHNICAL GUIDANCE AT IIT (BHU) EXPERIMENT FOR DEVELOPMENT OF BEADEXPERIMENT FOR DEVELOPMENT OF BEAD DIE MAKINGDIE MAKING PUNCHPUNCH This is an industry problem given by one of our alumnus Mr. P.K.SACHDEVA DIRECTOR M.T.C.BEARING (P) LTD. The problem was to develop a bead die making punch using an automated machining process so that similar punches can be produced with negligible dimensional deviations. Till now the bead die making punch is made manually by skilled labours using files, hacksaws etc. The objective was to see whether EDM can be used to produce this bead die making punch satisfactorily. 8. TECHNICAL GUIDANCE AT IIT (BHU) PROJECT ON EDM MACHINE (DEPT. OF PRODUCTION ENGINEERING) 9. TECHNICAL GUIDANCE AT IIT (BHU) Effect of process parameters on MRR in Electro Discharge Machine (EDM) To REPLICATE AN INTRICATE Shape and study its domensional deviation We would like to appreciate for the help, guidance and support that we have received during our B.Tech project. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. J.N.Sinha (Director of Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University), Mr.V.P.Singh, (Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering), IT-BHU for providing us such a great opportunity to work for our B Tech project. We are highly grateful to Mr. M.Z.Khan (Asst. Prof, Mechanical Engg Dept) for the encouragement, guidance and the assistance, he has provided throughout the project as our chief mentor. We would also like to thank our esteemed alumnus Mr. Pramod Sachdeva for giving us the TECHNICAL GUIDANCE and providing any help we needed. 10. PRAMOD SACHDEVA AT WORKSHOP WITH IEIVLC ON 14-4-2013 ENTREPRENEUERSHIP DEVELOPMENT IN VARANASI 11. PRESENTATION BY PRAMOD SACHDEVA 12. ABOUT Entrepreneurship Development Centre An Entrepreneur Development program initiated in Varanasi by a core of very qualified members of The Institution of Engineers, Varanasi Local Centre & I I T - BHU Faculty. A program well defined to motivate & establish the young aspirants to lead the society by establishing them as successful ENTREPRENEUR is the sole achievement aimed at. EDC welcomes all young ENTREPRENEURS (deserving aspirants) & promise them secure, reliable & social status with confidence & provisions to stand on their feet to meet all challenges of life & to grow to the greatest height of their AMBITION. 13. Entrepreneurship Development Centre Provide The Right Guidance & Motivation To Students. Prepare Students achieving their Goals & fulfilling their dreams. Make students as an impressive personality. Make students able Entrepreneurs. Teach students the practical training skills with soft skills. Are you looking for all above if YES YOU HAVE REACHED THE RIGHT DESTINATION 14. WORKSHOP TRAINING & MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP TECHNOLOGY (FOR ALL BRANCHES OF ENGINEERING) 1. PROFICIENCY IN MEASURING INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES 2. PROFICIENCY & PRACTICE FOR ENGINEERING & WORKING DRAWINGS TOOL DESIGN 3. BASIC UNDERSTANDING & KNOWLEDGE OF MACHINES WITH THEIR OPERATION THEORY & PRACTICAL RUNNING 4. ADVANCED SPECIAILIZATION IN BRANCH 5. PRACICAL KNOWLEDGE WITH WORK CERTIFICATE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COST ANALYSIS AND PRACTICAL COST CALCULATION MARKETING SKILLS FUNDAMENTALS OF TAXEATION PRACTICAL UNDERSTANDING TO BREAK EVEN ANALYSIS UNDERSTANDING REQUIREMENTS TO START BUSINESS BECOME A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR BANKING OPERATION & UNDERSTANDING 15. WELCOME TO WORK SHOP MECHANICAL 16. WORK SHOP MACHINES LATHE MACHINES MILLING MACHINES DRILLING MACHINES SHAPERS & PLANERS BENDING & SAW CUTTINGS GRINDING MACHINES SPECIAL PURPOSE & PRESSES 17. WORK SHOP DRAWINGS 18. WORK SHOP MEASUREMENTS 19. WORK SHOP PRACTICE 20. PRACTICAL INDUSTRIAL COURSES WORKSHOP PRACTICE COURSE (PRACTICAL WAY SYSTEM) MACHINE SHOP LATHE MACHINE (BASIC INTRODUCTION,WORKING PRINCIPLE,TYPES OF LATHE MACHINES,PRINCIOAL PARTS OF LATHE MACHINES, SIZE & SPECIFICATION OF LATHE MACHINE,TERMS USED IN LATHE MACHINESLATHE ACCESSARIES,LATHE TOOLS,LATHE OPERATIONS, TERMS USED IN LATHE SHAPING MACHINE , ITS FUNCTIONS AND DETAILS PLANING MACHINE, ITS FUNCTIONS AND DETAILS DRILL MACHINE, ITS FUNCTIONS AND DETAILS BASIC WORKSHOP MACHINE (LATHE, SHAPER, PLANER & DRILL MACHINE) MACHINES USED IN ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES INTRODUCTION & FUNCTIONS SUBJECT TEACHING & PRESENTATION FOR POLYTECHNICAL ENGINEERING BRANCH 1, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (PROD) 2. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (AUTO) 3. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 4. CIVIL ENGINEERING 5. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ENGINEERING DRAWING COURSE (PRACTICAL WAY SYSTEM) DRAWING INSTRUMENTS& THEIR USE LETTERING TECHNIQUES INTRODUCTION TO SCALES CONVENTIONAL PRESENTATION PRINCIPAL OF PROJECTIONS ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTIONS OF SIMPLE GEOMETRICAL SOLIDS SECTION OF SOLIDS ISOMETRIC PROJECTIONS DEVELOPMENTAL OF SURFACES ASSEMBLY AND DISSASSEMBLY DRAWINGS ORTHOGRAPHIC PROJECTIONS OF MACHINE PARTS PRACTICE AND AUTO CAD BASIC DRAWING TECHNIQUES SUBJECT TEACHING & PRESENTATION FOR POLYTECHNICAL ENGINEERING BRANCH 1, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (PROD) 2. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (AUTO) 3. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 4. CIVIL ENGINEERING 5. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 21. WORK SHOP PRACTICE LATHE MACHINE 22. PRACTICAL INDUSTRIAL COURSES SUBJECT : BEARINGS (PRACTICAL WAY SYSTEM) INTRODUCTION CLASSIFICATION OF BEARINGS A. SLIDING CONTACT BEARINGS B ROLLING CONTACT BEARINGS(ANTI- FRICTION BEARINGS) 3. CLASSIFICATIONS OF ANTI-FRICTION BEARINGS 4. BEARING COMPONENTS 5. FEAUTURES OF BEARINGS 6. BEARING MATERIALS 7. BEARING LIFE 8. SELECTION OF BEARINGSSECTION OF SOLIDS 9. HANDLING & FITTING OF BEARINGS BASIC BEARING COURSE SUBJECT TEACHING & PRESENTATION FOR POLYTECHNICAL ENGINEERING BRANCH 1, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (PROD) 2. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (AUTO) 3. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 4. CIVIL ENGINEERING 5. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 23. Entrepreneurship Development Centre PRACTICAL TRAINING PROGRAMME By Er. PRAMOD KUMAR SACHDEVA & Prof. A. k. GHOSE 24. Entrepreneurship Development Centre Course Curriculum SOFT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT (PRACTICAL TRAINING PROGRAM) 25. SOFT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT (PRACTICAL TRAINING PROGRAM) 26. SOFT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT (PRACTICAL TRAINING PROGRAM) Course Contents PART 1. Proficiency in English speaking: PART 2. Interviews & Presentation: PART 3. Practices for Job & Placements: 27. Entrepreneurship Development Centre Course Curriculum ENGINEERING (PRACTICAL TRAINING PROGRAM) 28. ENGINEERING (PRACTICAL TRAINING PROGRAM)WORKSHOP TECHNOLOGY (FOR ALL BRANCHES OF ENGINEERING) INTRODUCTION: In addition to book knowledge, understanding the principles, functioning and working practices on machines are required for every students to become