Few tips for developing the coolest presentations

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Some useful tips for your presentation works

Text of Few tips for developing the coolest presentations

  • 1. How do you makea cool presentation?

2. Your offer should bethe best in terms of:1) idea 4) KPI2) strategy 5) innovations3) prices 3. Your offershould bethe best:6) In terms of design aswell (!) 4. Dont confuseGOALS andTASKS 5. The client wants to sell hisproduct! Never forget that the client always has just one ultimate goal to sell his product! Never forget about it. 6. Form a clear structure From general to specic. 7. Choose right imagesMood board will tell more than thousands of words on a page. 8. Going back to school togetherwith AXE 9. Respect logosLeave some spaceStudy the brand bookIts the clients logoaround the clients = what you cant do that should be placedlogowith the brands logo in the forefront 10. Make a contents page! Organize your story. Outline the logic of the narrative.Do not jump over and do not makereferences. 11. Use navigation! Leave visual anchors on the slide where you are now,that help nd it in the overall structure. The client mayget lost on slide number 120 of a 2-hour-longpresentation! 12. Accents on the slide!Emphasize the most important words:1) To help you reveal the essence of the presentation2) To help the client memorize the main point 13. Too much text - BAD!One image - GOOD! 14. Details in Appendix! Sell the idea! Demonstrate the mechanics.Leave the details for independent consideration. 15. Forget about automaticwidth adjustment of the text! If it is done by a machine, it looks awful!!! Text in books is never right aligned! 16. , , -. -. .. .. , , , , , , , , , , . . , , , , ( ( - ), - ), , , , , , , , , . . 1979 1979 . . , , XIXXX : XIXXX :, , ., , . 17. Dark font on light background!Light font on dark background!Readers get tired of dark letters on darkbackground, and gradually get distracted from thepresentation, lose interest in the idea,and eventually start hating you!!! 18. , , , , , , , , , , , , [18]. [18]. , , . . . . , , , , , , , , , , , , [18]. [18]. , , . . . . 19. Indent!Objects on the slide should not be placed too close toeach other. Dont place the text and the headers on the side of the slide. Leave some air between objects. Some space. 20. The zone of comfortable perceptionof information on the slide 21. Remove unnecessarysymbols!Whats the point in using double gaps or breaking lines? We dont want letters hanging down at the end of aline! 22. - - . ., [14], [14] [15] , [15] , [16]. [16]. 23. Stick to the unied logic offormatting the text Slide to slide! Line to line! The same type size for headers / text / sections titles!The same indent on all pages! The same alignment! The same font throughout the presentation! 24. Balance and harmony on the slide. Avoid blankspaces!Never leave vast blank space on the slide.The client subconsciously thinks that you have nothingto say or you havent elaborated on the idea. 25. Balance and harmonyon the slide. Avoidblank spaces!Never leave vast blank space on the slide.The client subconsciously thinks that you havenothing to say or you havent elaborated onthe idea. 26. Terms uniformity!If you decided not to use a full stop at the end of the paragraph, stick to it throughout the presentation!If you decided to write 4sq with small letter f , do it on all slides! 27. Use schemes!Do not ll the whole slide with a quote from War and Peace, just create a scheme where everything is toldsimply and clearly: what / where and why. 28. Check grammar! How can one entrust a budget of millions to theperson who doesnt know how to spell MILION? 29. Kill the slide called Any questions? Does the client really need this useless bit ofinformation? Do you really want to make the deal?Add a call to action to the nal slide! 30. Remember! The clientdoesnt work in an agency!He does not know all of your jargon. Use screenshots, provide links to examples,refer to Wikipedia. 31. Check one more time!Does your offer match the brief? Are there answers to ALL (!) questions?Are KPI benchmarks adequate for the market? Have you named an adequate cost?Does your idea reveal the brand? 32. By the way, dont forget to show your team!The client wants to know who will be carrying out his project! 33. Keynote - better!But check what the le looks like in Power Point. Corporations buy uniform software and rarelychoose Apple.Make a .pdf copy 34. Take lessons from Steve! 35. Rehearse!Rehearse!Rehearse! 36. HOW TO MAKE AGREATPRESENTATION? 37. v.sitnikov@grape.ru