Fax Software: Helpful Tips for Effective Faxing

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  1. 1. Fax Software: Helpful Tips for Effective Faxing While the use of fax might be rapidly becoming obsolete, it still remains essential to corporate and home communication. Actually, it serves to supplement rather than precede the use of email. Undoubtedly, faxing stands out as a very secure way of transmitting critical information such as legal documents and contracts, among others. Fax software is a very convenient way of sending and receiving documents. Unlike email, fax is scam-free. Your recipients can be guaranteed that the message they receive originates from a reliable and trusted source. Here are helpful tips that will ensure you maximize on your faxing as well as faxing software: Ensure you have a cover page Regardless of the content, your fax transmissions must have a cover page. This normally lends a sense of professionalism. A good number of software apps bring with them a basic cover page template(s). You can always customize and/or upload your own. Ensure that both your contact and the recipients are on the cover page. Maintain privacy While faxing is inherently secure, it is very important to prioritize privacy. This is especially true if the fax you want to send contains sensitive information. You can call ahead and notify your recipient that you are about to fax him or her.
  2. 2. Correctly scan your documents Faxing software does not use a conventional fax machine. Therefore, always first scan any paper-based document(s) you plan to fax. As you scan your document(s), use a minimum resolution of two hundred dots per inch (DPI). This makes sure that the scan as well as the subsequent fax comes out clear. Use a clean, white paper Do you plan to fax a paper-based document(s)? Ensure that the paper you intend to use is clear and clean of any markings. Receiving fax machines normally pick up even the slightest mark that is darker compared to a white paper.


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