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  1. 1. Enjoy Bandipur Resort Stay With The Bandipur Wildlife Resorts in India: National parks are places where the natural life is preserved for the welfare of the ecology. When you are looking for the best natural parks in India, then Bandipur national park India is a must watch place. Getting to know more about this national park will compel you to visit this place. This is one of the beautiful forest reserves in the southern part of India. Various resources of nature are preserved here. This place was the hunting ground of the King Maharaja Wudiyar. This was later converted to the national park in the year of 1930. Later, it was called as the Venugopal Wildlife Park. In 1941, expansion took place, and the boundaries were extended up to Nagarhole National park and were named as Bandipur national park. In 1973 it became the Tiger Reserve of India. Nilgiris is an extended forest reserve in India, which is a part of the Western Ghats. The lush green forests of these mountains are a biosphere that happens to be the home of diverse flora and fauna. Bandipur falls into the limits of this extensive biosphere.
  2. 2. The Bandipur forests: The deciduous and evergreen forests make it an excellent place to host lots of wild life. You can enjoy a stay in the Wildlife Resorts in Bandipur, and Bandipur too has resorts that let you stay and watch the animals and plants. The best thing people like about these resorts is that they let you watch the elephants moving around. The Bandipur forest is between Ooty and Mysore, and it takes 2 hours from Mysore to reach here. The resorts can be found on the very adjacent roads. Features of the resorts: Bandipur national Park Resorts have all necessary amenities that would not let you down amidst the forests. All sorts of accommodations can be enjoyed here. Be it a standard room or suite rooms these resorts have everything to offer. Another great feature is that there are restaurants available. When you are looking for the best resort, then you should consider getting multiple cuisine foods. South Indian, North Indian, Chinese and Continental foods are majorly available here. So, it should not be a hassle to locate a resort that offers you all these food varieties. Affordability is what that should come to your mind when you are looking for the best resorts. Choose the one that has lots to offer, and at genuine prices.
  3. 3. A few facilities include indoor and outdoor games, nature walk, hot and cold water, campfire, swimming pool, satellite channel, conference hall, parking space, Wi-Fi, and they also offer jungle safari. All these features are for sure available in a reputed resort. Look for the safety features without fail. Lunch, breakfast, bonfire, coffee, biscuits, and nature walk are available for free once during the stay of 2 days. You can also Bandipur Resorts Online Booking facilities available. So, you can be sure that you have your accommodation waiting for you even during the crowded days.