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EngageClick Tech Talk at DIS: Engagement Advertising: The Future of Advertising in the New Multi-Screen Digital World?

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As we exit the PC era and enter the new multi-screen digital world, we are in the “Age of the Consumer” where the consumers are empowered to engage with brands, when and where the consumer wants. We’ll share with you what brands, agencies and publishers are doing today to connect and engage with consumers at the moments of interest. Such technology opens a realm of endless possibilities where audience participation isn’t just allowed; it’s encouraged - while delivering on the business metrics that matter. Presenter: Nitin Duggal, vp, business development, EngageClick @EngageClick

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  • 1.Engagement Advertising In the New Multi-Sc

2. Company was founded in May 2012 with HQs in Palo Alto, CA We noticed a problem and we set out to solve it. Consumers areinundated with ads. We wanted to break through the clutter acrossplatforms and devices. The team consists of alumni from Google, AOL, Yahoo andNetscape. We are behavioral scientists, digital junkies andengineers but most importantly, we are consumers. Our advisor board consists of industry experts that have cognitivescience and machine learning backgrounds. A few of us are fromresearch labs at Carnegie Mellon University where the the platformwas incubated.EngageClick | Who Are We? | Confidential - Do not distribute 3. | Confidential - Do not distribute3EngageClick | Alarming Stats and Trends5.3 trillion display ads were served in 2012 31% were never viewed 69% of viewers skip video ads The CTRs on the best targeted displayads are only 0.1%... 50% of clicks on mobile display ads areaccidental 4. Our time is spread across 4 media devicesConsumer behavior with new devices is not the sameEngageClick | A Society of Multi-Taskers and Multi-Screeners | Confidential - Do not distribute 5. EngageClick combines cognitive science, analytics with machine learning: Existing ads into premium interactive formats with no/minimal effort Deliver and optimize performance across media devices in-real time Measure the consumer engagements and response in our dashboardEngageClick | The Engagement Platform | Confidential - Do not distribute 6. | Confidential - Do not distributeEngageClick | Recent Case StudiesCase Study 1: A 22X Lift in Engagement Rate with EngageClick Brand campaign for a multi-screen environment (PCs, mobile andtablets) Smart Auto-optimization of consumer engagement with display ads bydevice, geography and time of day Consumer Engagement of 14.0% vs 0.6%Case Study 2: A 540% Increase in CTR with EngageClick Direct Response campaign on tablets Click Through Rate (CTR) of 1.6% vs 0.25% 200% increase in number of targeted leads generated 7. Experience Live : | Confidential - Do not distributeEngageClick | Demos 8. | Confidential - Do not distributeEngageClick | Brand EngagementsInspiring Strong Connection with the Brand 9. EngageClick | Social Brand AdvocacyEmpowering Social Brand Advocacy | Confidential - Do not distribute 10. | Confidential - Do not distribute10EngageClick | Interactive Video AdsEnabling Engagements with Interactive Video Ads 11. Questions?For More Informationwww.engageclick.comEngagement Advertising In the New Multi-Sc