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Engage Atlantic has been providing solutions to the most critical challenges in corporate responsibility and sustainable development. Our leading-edge engagement process and our strategic advisory services help organizations become more accountable, responsible, and sustainable.

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  • 1. WhoWe Are Our philosophy is simple. Understand your market, yourcustomers and all your stakeholders. Know what each expectsand manage your business accordingly. Solid communications and a commitment to Corporate SocialResponsibility are just elements of good business. Engage Atlantic has been developed through years of workingwith clients to better engage key stakeholders. From directcommunications efforts, to more in-depth stakeholderengagement exercises, Engage Atlantic has been built on thephilosophy that the relationship with your stakeholders -internal and external - is the only element of your business thatwill determine an organizations long-term sustainability.

2. WhoWe Are Engage Atlantic brings together some of the regions best freelance consultants in areas of Communications, Human Resources and Operational Efficiency. Engage Atlantic also brings significant expertise in key sectors including; Government Fisheries Municipal Healthcare Gaming Non-Profit International Sporting Competition Engage Atlantic has a proven record of changing an organizations position with stakeholders by implementing a proven model of engagement. 3. "The heart of dialogue is a simple butprofound capacity to listen. Listeningrequires we not only hear thewords, but also embrace, accept, andgradually let go of our own innerclamoring.William Isaacs 4. WhatWe DoStakeholder Engagement We believe in engaging stakeholders to ensure they see themselves in yourobjectives and strategies moving forward. One way we have successfully done this is through our stakeholder audits. Audit sessions are used to develop recommendations and strategies for achievingyour corporate objectives while engaging stakeholders. This work then forms the basisof a new branding and marketing exercise, a new stakeholder engagement process andstronger employee engagement. These sessions are designed to gather all opinions with respect to where theorganization is today, to conduct a SWOT analysis and to determine common points ofopinion that could lead to better implementation of the corporate objectives whiledelivering on stakeholder promises. Our stakeholder audit model has a proven track record and has helped organizations 5. WhatWe DoStrategic Marketing and Communications PlanningEngage Atlantic has several years experience in the areas of Communications and Marketing planning including;Short term or communications/marketing plan related to a specific program, campaign, activity, etc.;Public environment analysis, issues and/or crisis management;Communications/marketing objectives;Target audiences;Key Messages;Strategic Considerations;Tactics and Marketing/Communications products;Evaluation of impact/benchmark data;Costs analysis.Implementation of communications/marketing plan(s) including;Conceptualization, creation, production and delivery of promotional activities, products, initiatives, etc.;Examples of these can range from advice, briefing sessions to Ministers and senior officials to 6. Because hope isnot a strategy!! 7. WhatWe DoMedia Relations/TrainingOur experience, as a corporate and organizational spokesperson at the local, regional, national and international levels allows us to provide clients with key insights, knowledge and learnings from years on the job - day in and day out.Other areas of expertise include; Public Relations Counsel Development of Print Related Materials Media Relations Media Training and Crisis Communications Training Media Analysis Organization of News Conferences, Media Scrums, Media Briefings and related materials Crisis Management Internal Communications Writing (including speechwriting) Conference/Seminar/Event Planning Organization of events News Releases/Media Advisories Backgrounders Speeches Reports Newspaper Articles Feature Stories Brochures/newsletters/Annual Reports Scripts (for radio, Television and Presentation) 8. Treat journalists as you wouldcustomers:be sensitive to theirneeds. 9. WhatWe DoGovernment RelationsWorking with government departments and agencies can be a very worthwhile experience for your business or organization. All levels of government have programs and services designed to help organizations and businesses through start-up throughout the life of that organization.Engage Atlantic brings years of experience in working with government departments and agencies at the municipal, provincial and federal levels.Government InvestmentDoes the prospect of developing a government funding program grant application seem daunting?Engage Atlantic has garnered over $10 million in forgiveable and interest free loans and government investment in the last year alone.Our experience provides greater success rates in securing government investment for your project, idea or business plan. 10. WhatWe DoSocial media StrategyIs your organization looking to have a presence within the realm of social media?Do you know where to start, which tools to use and what strategy to implement?Do you know that hope is not a strategy.Engage Atlantic has developed strategy for companies and government departments.We can help your organization determine if social media is right for the outcomes you are looking for. 11. WhatWe DoWritingNews Releases/Media AdvisoriesArticlesBackgroundersSpeechesReportsNewspaper ArticlesFeature StoriesBrochures/newsletters/Annual ReportsScripts (for radio, Television and Presentation) 12. WhatWe DoCorporate Social ResponsibilityIs your organization committed to doing the right things?Are you committed to giving back, to making good choices, toadopting business practices that are good for the company andthe places in which you operate?Engage Atlantic has developed CSR Frameworks for some of theworlds largest organizations. We understand CSR is anextension of good business not a PR stunt.We know how to help your company be successful while making adifference and setting yourself apart!! 13. The voluntary actions that a business can take, over and above compliancewith minimum legal requirements, to address both its own competitiveinterests and the interests of wider society. 14. Contact Information(506)878 3025 mike@engageatlantic.ca www.engageatlantic.ca Twitter: @engageatlanticFacebook:www.facebook.com/engageatlanticLinked In:Mike Randall