EMC Boston Momentum User Group 2011- Delivering a Global Project Through the Documentum Infrastructure

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EMC Boston Momentum User Group 2011- Delivering a Global Project through the Documentum Infrastructure

Text of EMC Boston Momentum User Group 2011- Delivering a Global Project Through the Documentum...

  • Documentum User Group Boston Trinity Technologies Corporation:Building a Global Project Infrastructure October 11, 2011 Presenter: Rick Ekstrand Co-President and CTOTRINITY TECHNOLOGIES 1 2011 Trinity Technologies Corporation
  • Agenda Trinity Technologies Introduction Global Project Challenges Design/Construction Example Plant Operations ExampleTRINITY TECHNOLOGIES 2 2011 Trinity Technologies Corporation
  • Trinity Technologies CorporationTRINITY TECHNOLOGIES 3 2011 Trinity Technologies Corporation
  • About Trinity TechnologiesConsultants on IT Solutions for the Industry Thought Leadership for Technology, Energy Industries Business Processes, Organizational Change Extensive Client List in the Energy Industries
  • Fundamental Driver for Energy Companies Creating Value from the Information Asset Physical Asset Information Asset TRINITY TECHNOLOGIES 5 2011 Trinity Technologies Corporation
  • Global Project ChallengesTRINITY TECHNOLOGIES 6 2011 Trinity Technologies Corporation
  • Global Project Collaboration Todays energy capital projects are being designed, procured, and constructed by multiple global organizations, often times part of a consortium You could have the NSSS vendor delivering a design from Japan, with engineering being done in the US and construction handled in the Middle East TRINITY TECHNOLOGIES 7 2011 Trinity Technologies Corporation
  • Global Project Collaboration How are different organizations dispersed around the globe contributing to the EPC on a project? How do you exchange documents, drawings, data? Especially with use of different systems and at different locals How do you backup systems when they are being used around the clock? How do you notify all parties of updates? How do you ensure that everyone - from design and procurement to construction - are using current documents? How do you manage RFI and design changes? TRINITY TECHNOLOGIES 8 2011 Trinity Technologies Corporation
  • Global Project Structure Design Construction ExampleTRINITY TECHNOLOGIES 9 2011 Trinity Technologies Corporation
  • Total Creation and Management of the Information Management System (IMS) for Project Selection of applications in IMS system Change management approach Naming/taxonomy for project Workflows between: Systems Organizations Design of data center Security Records management and turnover TRINITY TECHNOLOGIES 10 2011 Trinity Technologies Corporation
  • High-Level Architecture FW REF PLANT NSSS 1&2 DCTM DC eRoom JPMO DCTM NSSS Vendor DC Site DCTM DCTM 3 Site EPC DCTM DCTM TURBINE CONSTRUCTOR VENDOR FW 1 Automated Import to DC (Publish) On-Shore Engineering 2 Transfer of transmittal to NSSS 3 Automated Import to EPC from DC exportTRINITY TECHNOLOGIES 11 2011 Trinity Technologies Corporation
  • DocumentumDocumentum will:
  • Documentum
  • Inter-Systems Information Flow Pipe Support Marian SP P&ID SP Elec PDS Isogen Drawings, Data Correspondence Documentum SP Foundation Design Basis Documents
  • Information Flow NSSS IMS Architecture Overview Consortium P&ID SPI SPEL PDS el PWDb od M ri c SAP Vendors et m Iso SPF - NSSS Documentum EDMS SmartPlant Review Admin Db / Tech Db Workflow Engine Numbering System Validation Primavera Workflow Engine Update Update Process Process Citrix P&ID SPI SPEL NSSS IMS SPF Documentum EDMS SmartPlant Review in Datacenter replicated from NSSS replicated from NSSS Project Centra MARIAN CEIDS WinPCS Primavera Status E-MeetingTRINITY TECHNOLOGIES 15