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  • 1. Editing Process These were the different techniques we used in post production process in premiere

2. C:UsersJessDesktopprint screen WHOLE.jpg Files Effects To see the changes when applying effects Timeline Stage Viewing controls Audio Timeline Zoom Trimming tools These are the basic tools in premier that we used to edit the footage. 3. C:UsersJessDesktopprint screen blue.jpg This is the effect we used though out the trailer except the past shots. I used the effects control and added a blue filter I adjusted the amount until it was just right and then saved the filter as a pre-set so I could place it onto all the shots. 4. C:UsersJessDesktopprint screen blue and layering tracks.jpg If you look on the audio timeline you can see how I layered the tracks so the track would change smoothly, I used a audio transition which faded the track in and out. Also placing tracks over each other they would both play. 5. C:UsersJessDesktopfade to black.jpg If you look at the video time line you can see that the shot the shot has been cut into 3 shots. This is so I could add a video transition (fade to black) to recreate a shot we liked from the grudge. It is so it appears like she is moving closer faster. Also as the original shot was to long I increased the speed by double to make it look even more abnormal. I also unlinked the audio from the video and deleted the diegetic sound so it would not jump. 6. C:UsersJessDesktopprint screen title.jpg I made the title by creating it in photoshop then saving it as a jpeg. I made various different Titles with letters missing or where or it moves slightly I then used a single frame and duplicated them to make it seem as though the title is moving. The Title then fades into another image with the words coming soon underneath. I also used this when making the date glow on the credits slide.