Easy tips for your catering business in 1 minute

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Text of Easy tips for your catering business in 1 minute

  • 1. Tips to $$$IMPROVE $ your catering business

2. ? starting your business!offer something differentSome'pstoimproveyour cateringbusiness 3. ? exampleto open a market stall? in a highly competitive food hall marketto sell what? 4. ? Apple cider pork sandwich? what elseColourful cupcakesChinese noodle? ? 5. religious restrictions? ? what else?is this relevant for lunch time?pasta box think sustainable 6. nd a smart design to sell your sh& chips1 ) eye-catcher2 ) make it sustainable3 ) include your logoso? ? sh & chips1) Customer holding their fancy bucket will attract other potential customer2 ) Reduce your carbon footprint3 ) Customer will take a picture ofyour product and will share on social media 7. sell? sh & chips! smart try or 8. Donts DoSWhat would you fancy? Getyourbucket5Fish4 sh&chipsChips2 Fish & Chips5 AND enjoy it with : 0 Vinegar 0 HomemadeGarlic sauce 0 MayonnaiseKetchup 9. ignoring customers passing throughyour market stall:SAY HI and catch their attentionleaving your board area untidy and oilyFIRST IMPRESSION IS KEYCustomers pass by and stand for5 seconds, average time3) Use catchy words on your menu 1) Make food names bigger than pricesunless they are for freeyou want to SELL your items - not to drive your potentialcustomers AWAY2) Reduce loss and unsold items?think about Revenue Management tactic?-Mouth watering your customers Happy hour: -20% off prices from is key3 to 5 PM-Chips food tasting? Costless -Smile at your (potential)customers? costless and hype! 10. Thirsty customer? ADVERT&DRINKsmart 11. SAYBYE toFAT SODAShigh in calories enJOYhomemade lemonadewithfReShly sQueEzEd lime drink andfreshen your breath for + 0,50 12. Do not say Any drink?Go straight to the point:Would you like to try our freshly homemade lemonade for 0,50 extra with your bucket?In the end, you only need...WATER ICE CUBES LIME SUGARavoid large cups. 13. do not forget your team: Rewardmore!reprimand fairly when needed 14. happy customers +happy employees = happy business 15. did you know? High revenue with low cost: sellingPOPCORN(1) High revenue with low cost: sellingCANDY FLOSS(1) Source : Dr Cihan Cobanoglu Cost control in Hospitality (2012) 16. SOON! Insights related toselling food in supermarket industryFrance UK - Scandinavia