Easy Tips and Tricks to Maintain your Home Inverter Battery

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<ol><li> 1. Easy Tips and Tricks to Maintain Your Home Inverter Battery Its peak summer and nothing is more annoying than your inverter not working in the middle of a warm summer night when the current goes off, an inverter battery is like a back bone to the inverter it is responsible for the inverters life . To ensure proper functioning and safety it is necessary to maintain inverter battery in regular intervals this will also extend the batteries life and keep it problem free. Follow these steps to ensure your inverter enjoys a long life. Tips to Maintain Inverter Batteries: Two points to always remember is that the inverter battery must be kept free from dust and make sure you clean in once in awhile. Also ensure that the terminals are clean and tightly fixed. It is better to keep the battery in a place where it can be monitored periodically Clean it without touching the surface point. To ensure its done neatly you can use baking soda and water mixture to clean the outer surface. Make sure the electrolyte levels are always kept above the minimum levels Make sure the cable which is connected to the battery terminus is tightly fixed If you require topping up the water level always make sure you use only distilled water. Also , Excess water can cause short circuit at the terminals If there are any cable exposed it is safer to coat them with petroleum jelly or Vaseline, this will help prevent corrosion. There will be proper transmission of current only if the battery terminals are kept clean. </li><li> 2. Its very important to keep the battery in a place with enough ventilation because if its kept near a heat generating equipment the life of battery will considerably decrease as every 10 percent upsurge in air decreases the life of the inverter battery by one percent. Clear indication like the battery heating up or if it has low back up time. Its time for a professional to check it Ensure that the battery is used once in a while even if there is no power cut. Indications such as low terminal current even after non stop charging means the battery needs a checkup for voltage holding capacity. Lastly check your inverter battery regularly to be updated about its conditions, once you suspect any damage or if there is no power, immediately replace the old inverter battery to a new branded inverter battery like SF Sonic, Exide etc. Source URL: - http://bit.ly/1SmAb5B </li></ol>


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