Don Draper's 3 Rules of Content Marketing

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A focus on how marketing has changed -- but also on how some elements have stayed the same -- using Don's perspectives as a frame. The presentation describes how the role of content has changed, and the increasing challenges facing organizations to deliver content that is targeted at the role, buying stage, and preferred delivery of prospects and leads.


<ul><li> 1. DONS3RULES!For Content Marketing! </li> <li> 2. Is yourCONTENTSTRATEGYoptimized for 2013 orfor 1963?!! </li> <li> 3. Many marketing strategies arestill stuck in the era ofMADMEN and DONDRAPER.!! </li> <li> 4. Everything about marketinghas changed.!! </li> <li> 5. Or has it?!!Don but not many of hispeers could add value today.!! </li> <li> 6. RULE#1!Success comes fromstanding out, not ttingin.! </li> <li> 7. Most marketing strategies arefocused on FITTINGIN.!! </li> <li> 8. They are still designed for theera of mass ONE-TO-MANYcommunications..!! </li> <li> 9. The old world of sales and marketing.! Suspects! Prospects! Leads! Opportunities! Mass marketing! Relationship selling!ID needs through Find prospects Qualify prospects Proposemarket research via mass and build relationship solutions toand focus groups! marketing! through pain point address pain questioning! points!Focus: Let me tell you about our products.! </li> <li> 10. Is this what your organizationsCONTENTSTRATEGY lookslike?!! </li> <li> 11. 1. Go to great big TRADESHOW and get a 10x10 somewhere.! Johnson! Get2. Send suspects a me some CASESTUDY or a visibility!! PRODUCTSHEET to generate leads.!3. Do a WHITEPAPER. Once. See #2 for distribution.!4. Send out lots of EMAIL to people you dont know and invite them to a product- demo WEBINAR.! </li> <li> 12. Ever wonder why most B2Bmarketing is so !GAWDAWFUL? The reason:most B2B marketers wronglybelieve that B2BPRODUCTS inthe 21st century should bemarketed the way thatconsumer products weremarketed in the 20th century.Unfortunately, what made Cokeand Nike successful doesntwork!!--Geoffrey James, Why YourB2B Marketing is So Lousy!! </li> <li> 13. RULE#2!People tell you whothey are, but we ignoreit because we wantthem to be who WEwant them to be.! </li> <li> 14. The landscapehas changed,but manycompanies arehoping it willmagicallychange back.!! </li> <li> 15. It wont.!!Heres what haschanged!! </li> <li> 16. FOURCHANGES! 1! The Buyers Journey is what counts. Understanding buying roles and stages cri2cal. 2! The technology has changed. In-bound marke2ng, nurturing, mul2-touch, automa2on. 3! Exploding op:ons for content delivery. Videos, podcasts, blogs, Twi&gt;er, e-books, LinkedIn. 4! Thought leadership counts. Its more than selling. Source: Sirius Decisions! </li> <li> 17. The new world of sales and marketing.! Suspects! Prospects! Leads! Opportunities! Content marketing! Challenger selling!ID needs through Find prospects Challenge prospects Use thisanalytics and social by providing by telling them relationship tointeraction! content tied to something they dont position your their needs! know! solution!Focus: Let me educate you about how to improve your business.! </li> <li> 18. FOURTYPES of content! 1! SUSPECTS They want what you know, NOT what you sell. 2! PROSPECTS They want content directly related to their interests. 3! LEADS They want content that addresses their business pain. 4! OPPORTUNITIES They want content that reduces their risk. Source: From Content to Customer, by Joe Chernov and Elle Wioulfe ! </li> <li> 19. FOURTYPES of content! 1! SUSPECTS -- infographics, non-demo-y videos, curated lists and people, infotainment 2! PROSPECTS -- e-books, guides, chapters from physical books, analyst reports, webinars 3! LEADS -- White papers, case studies, demo videos, product comparisons 4! OPPORTUNITIES -- ROI calculators, pricing sheets, RFP generators Source: From Content to Customer, by Joe Chernov and Elle Wioulfe ! </li> <li> 20. BYTHEWAY!They want their content in multipleformats, on multiple devices, whereand when THEY want it, and in thecontext of their particular job role.!! </li> <li> 21. The New World of Sales and Marketing!Old! New!Mass marketing! Content marketing!Relationship selling! Challenger selling!Focus groups! Analytics!One-to-many! One-to-one!Trade shows! Niched conferences!Sales presentations that describe YOU! Sales presentations that educate THEM!Single use analyst white papers! Multi-use content assets!Product leadership! Thought leadership!Mass e-mail! Segmented and automated drip campaigns!Print or print-like delivery! Videos, podcasts, blogs, ebooks! </li> <li> 22. RULE#3!Maybe Im not ascomfortable being aspowerless as you are.! </li> <li> 23. You will go broke trying topopulate these three-dimensional contentneeds (role, stage, deliveryvehicle) in the way youvealways done it by payingtop dollar for individuallycommissioned outsourcedcustom pieces of contentor by thinking thatsomebody internally willdo it.!!And it will often wind uptoo sales-y.! </li> <li> 24. CONTENTBEAST!Beware the CONTENTBEAST.!!If you continue down the old pathof commissioning custom assets,the volume and variety of contentyou need to be effective willconsume you.!!You need to thinkCONFIGURATION andREPURPOSING notCUSTOMIZATION.!! </li> <li> 25. FINALNOTE!Dont make thismistake with yourcontent marketingstrategy!!I keep going to a lot ofplaces and ending upsomewhere Ive alreadybeen.!!CONFIGURE existingassets, dontCUSTOMIZE.! </li> <li> 26. MOREINFO!John Mancini!!!@jmancini77!! </li> </ul>