Do you make these employee feedback mistakes at your company

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  • Modern corporate culture places a great deal of attention on the value of feedback. Companies have professional development assessments, performance reviews and several

    other kinds of feedback for all involved. This focus on feedback offers correction to workers and managers who may go completely off track. Even so, many workers often complain that

    they dont get enough feedback. How is this possible?

    What they mean is that even with a great deal of feedback, they dont get any information clearly tells them what they need to do. If you are in charge of human resource at your

    company, take a look to see if these feedback mistakes could hamper employee improvement.

    Managers are taught repeatedly to not be too blunt with their criticism. Theyre supposed to cushion on the blow by sandwiching their criticism between praise and appreciation.

    There are studies that show, though, that criticism mixed with appreciation simply doesnt work. To begin, many managers are simply unable to sound sincere when they serve their criticism with dollops of praise. Such criticism also has the problem that it doesnt get the

    point across.

    Employees who receive positive and negative feedback in one session come away confused about how serious their faults are. The clearer the managers point is, the better the employee

    is able to make the corrections needed.

  • Not every problem is easy to layout in concrete terms. Managers offering feedback often resort to vague terms, for this reason. They use terms like lack of dedication or lack of

    proactive behaviour. These terms are not specific enough to help anyone fully understand what they need to change. Such feedback sessions often end in hurt feelings and stress all

    around. Managers shouldnt offer feedback that they cant find a way to express well.

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