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Discharge Dampeners for Pulsation Control

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  1. 1. Performance Pulsation Control Discharge Dampeners We put performance in our products
  2. 2. Why Discharge Dampeners? Pump & piping system vibrations lead to equipment failure and unsafe conditions Dampens high & low frequency pulsation energies Maintains required pressure & flow profiles Increases pump and fluid end life Decreases system operating costs & down time Discharge Dampener
  3. 3. Discharge Dampener Types Accumulator Typically applied to maintain proper flow Gas Charged Appendage and flow-through styles using bladders or cartridges to control pulsation Maintenance Free Flow through designs capable of dampening wide ranges of flow and acceleration-induced pulsations
  4. 4. Accumulator vs. Dampener Accumulator Dampener Valves prone to clogging and subsequent adverse operation or bladder damage Clear fluid path reduces potential for debris to clog passage
  5. 5. Dampeners Gas Charged Reduced footprint/minimal weight Operates with fixed pre-charge pressure Wide pressure range performance up to 15kpsi Broad material and volume options Top repairable for no-removal maintenance PPC PD Bladder Style
  6. 6. Dampeners Gas Charged Status Flow - Cartridge Style
  7. 7. Dampener Gas Charged Status Flow Cartridge Style
  8. 8. Dampener - Maintenance Free Two Types Reactive and Cellular Reactive - Pumped liquid media reacts with the system to reduce pulsations no moving parts Cellular Nitrogen-filled microcell elastomer element reduces pulsations no charging Virtually eliminates acceleration pressure losses Improves rig safety
  9. 9. Maintenance-Free Reactive Discharge Dampener Dampener - Reactive
  10. 10. Dampener - Reactive Enhanced Safety/Lower Maintenance No charging required Optimal pulsation control over variable pressure ranges & pulsation frequencies Dampens flow and acceleration pulsations Increased pump and system life Improved MWD signal detection Reduced pump room hydraulic noise Temperature accommodations: -20F to 650 F
  11. 11. We put performance in our products Maintenance Free Flow Through Discharge Reactive (Liquid Only)Maintenance Free Flow Through Suction Cellular
  12. 12. Maintenance Free Flow Through Suction Cellular Maintenance Free Flow Through Discharge Reactive (Liquid Only)
  13. 13. Things to Remember Suction Stabilizers - Critical to your fluid delivery and ultimate discharge performance Discharge Dampeners Reduction of acceleration and flow-induced pulsations Maintenance Free Options Initially more expensive, but long-term costs lower PPC Value Worry-Free Customer Experience Durable, High-Performance Solutions Engineering expertise to customize designs and predict pulsation performance Expert project management for a worry-free customer experience
  14. 14. Contact Us Richardson: 972.699.8600 Odessa: 432.580.3017 Linked

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