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  • 1.An overview of Digital Signage: Presented By:

2. SmartSource Event Technology offers to dynamic solutions to show organizers to provide an array of digital options. We are proud to be the official technology resource provider for several TradeShow Week 200 shows. Our depth of services and green solutions create an avenue for your event to embrace the latest technology in the meetings. industry.From the green solutions of digital signage and the document storage library to technology for attendee tracking to the wow factor of large format digital display of video wall, SmartSource has a solution enhance your meeting and to accommodate a depth of activities. Digital SignageBy SmartSource Show Solutions 3. Dynamic digital signage solutions enhance or replace traditional printed signs with cutting-edge electronic versions. We combine small and large format LCD, plasma and projection displays with sophisticated software, and advanced networking technologies to create powerful, flexible media display systems. Show Solutions

    • Complete remote management via browser-based tools
    • Sophisticated content scheduling and playback options
    • Status monitoring and reporting
    • Supports common formats for displaying static graphics, digital.. video and animation
    • Displays HD video, high quality audio, live TV, data-driven and.. web- . based content
    • Powerful interactive capabilities for kiosk and interactive.. digital signage
    • Flexible platform for customizing features and scaling
    • Versatile layout options for full screen or multi-zone split.. screens

Digital SignageBy SmartSource 4. Meeting Planner Advantages:Ability to make on-site changes Green Solution reduce waste of foam board signs and other printed materials Revenue Generation dynamic ad and sponsorship opportunities Event Branding Custom Messaging Attendee Advantages: Interactive directional signage makes for easy wayfinding so attendees know where to go, when events are scheduled, changes to the agenda.

  • What can be included: Virtually any form of media--be it live video, jpeg, powerpoint, flash, avi, etc.
  • Display:
    • Logos
    • Event Agendas
    • Meeting Room Agendas
    • Advertising
    • Live News Feeds
    • Financial, News, Sports and more
  • Unique services integrated by SmartSource
    • Departure Boards and boarding pass printing
    • Mapping-booth locators, catering locators
    • Electronic Library
    • PDA feeds

Digital SignageBy SmartSource Show Solutions 5. Our dynamic agenda solution is great way to ensure your event will be on time and your customers will be well informed about the upcoming speakers and activity. This solution allows you to dynamically populate your agenda. Our software will communicate with your spreadsheet to display the accurate information, and you can update and make changes in real time. The agenda will continuously scroll to show the complete lineup of events. Current activity is clearly shown in the highlight bar at the top. There is also a session timer in the corner to help your guests arrive timely to the next presentation. Digital SignageBy SmartSource Dynamic Agenda 6. At large events it is often hard to find a friend or colleague. With our message boards, guests can post personalized messages on our screens for others to view. Set up meeting times or define a place to meet for lunch--there are many reasons why these message boards can support your guest during anevent. Digital SignageBy SmartSource Message Board 7. Our data wrap solution is great for a lounge or sitting area. This layout provides a TV signal of the channel of your choice. Instead of just having a TV signal, add a data feed to your screen. This will keep your guests well informed while they take some time to relax. You can populate the data area by dynamically communicating with a spreadsheet. We can also provide a timer feature to make sure your guests arrive promptly to their next destination. Digital SignageBy SmartSource Data Wrap 8. With our adaptable software, we can divide our screens up into a multi-zone layout to provide multiple feeds of information. Our video wall solution is linked to several webcams located throughout your venue. Each camera feed can be published to a different zone of your screen. This is a great way to give your audience an overview of what is happening at your event. Digital SignageBy SmartSource MediaWall 9. This popular, informative display screen pulls real-time data of local flight information allowing your attendees to be aware of any potential issues with travel. As an option, you can also provide check-in services and boarding pass printing directly from your event. Attendees appreciate having access to this convenient service service directly from your venue. Digital SignageBy SmartSource Flight Reader Board

  • Live feed of real time arrival & departure ..information
  • Live Local Airport information
  • Keep attendees informed of potential delays &.. changes, allowing them to make plans & stay ..onsite

10. Digital Signage

  • In many examples, nothing.
  • A/V Distribution
  • Hardware Selection
  • Enclosures
  • Custom Hardware

how much does it cost? Digital signage has the unique ability to generate revenue from ad sales. 11. Digital Signage why do it? Why is this more effective than that?

  • Full motion digital signage is 5 times more likely to be noticed than printed signage.
  • Sponsors can run full-motion video, Flash, and PowerPoint presentations to tell their story.
  • Sponsor messages can be scheduled to play at peak times: lunch break, breakfast, outside keynote sessions.
  • Signs can be updated throughout the show.

12. Digital Signage where do you put them? Main Ballroom Side Entrance Outside General Session Main Entrance Side Entrance 13. Digital Signage where do youputthem? Registration Area Break Out Sessions Pre-Function Area Near Elevators Break Out Sessions 14. Networking how does it work? Each display has its own PC and each PC is either connected directly to the Internet or the PCs are networked together and the network is given a broadband Internet connection.Generally speaking, the PC data connection is wired but can be wireless. Updates are handled by the on-site programmer, who also serves as technical back-up to the equipment and will be available 24/7 throughout the show. 15. Screen Layout how does it work? Generally speaking, this is the layout.Text crawl at the top, clock in the corner, and custom event list at the top.We will custom brand the look and feel of the screen for each client.

  • This is the Ad Area
  • PowerPoint
  • Flash
  • Video:AVI, MOV, WMV, WMV HD, MPEG 1,MPEG 2, and MPEG 4

16. client content how does it work?

  • Here is what we need from the client to make this happen.
  • Logo
  • Style guide
  • List of events (Excel format)
  • Ad files
    • Flash
    • Video
    • PowerPoint
  • Playlist form
  • We will need all content 4 weeks in advance of set up.

17. Setup Services how does it work?

  • Here is what we perform in terms of set-up:
  • Creates custom screen layout
  • Presents proof to client
  • Receives client content
  • Assembles content in order that client designates
  • Via web conference client previews content
  • Technical set-up of screens and programming
  • Programmer on-site start to finish available 24/7

18. FAQ how does it work? What kind of items can I play in the text crawl? News feeds like CNN Top Stories, Sports, Financial News, and more. Do I have to pay for Internet-based feeds? Generally speaking, no.Most feeds are free. Can I run and schedule my own personal text instead of news feeds? Yes. How often can I make changes during the show? As often as you want.The system is live on show site.We do ask that you help us understand how often you are likely to be making changes so that we are adequately prepared. Who sets up the PC data connectivity? The equipment rental company. Applicable internet usage fees apply. What format types do you accept? txt, swf, ppt (not pps), avi, wmv, mov, mpeg-1, mpeg-2, wmv hd, mpeg-4, tiff, jpeg, bmp, png, html, rss, xls, xml, nss, doc How does scheduling work? Generally speaking, your ad play will be broken into a percentage of available playback.Thus, if you are a platinum sponsor you can be guaranteed a certain percentage of available ad playback slots . 19. FAQ how does it work? What screen sizes do you offer? Generally speaking, 40, 42, 50 and 60 are readily available.Other size screen can also be made available. When do I need to submit content? At least 2-3 weeks before setup.We recognize that you may have changes up to the show as well as additio