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Design It 4 U, Thane, Product Deveopment

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  • Welcome to Designit4u We are a complete design development consultancy that combines our innovative thinking and engineering background to create unique designs, we then develop them from concept to manufacture. Designit4us service provides a unique blend of design creativity and engineering talent. Our expertise allows clients to remain focused on their own goals as we efficiently handle all of their design requirements. Our proven approach will reduce your design & development times, streamline your project and ultimately improve your business too! Whether you are looking for an agency to develop a stunning new product, need engineering design services or have a real design problem to solve, we can definitely help you. Please give us a call to learn how you too can cut your costs and increase your profits through Designit4us complete design development Engineering great designs. At Designit4u not only do we have the flair for design, but we also have the brains and know-how to implement it. We believe in well thought out, innovative design; great design is very powerful. Conceptual Design When a company decides to manufacture a new piece of equipment, there needs to be a starting point in the design process. This is where the Conceptual Design comes in. DESIGNIT4U can provide a concept computer model of what the finished product would look like and by adding movement to it, we can show some of the functionality. In making concept models electronically you can see and measure exactly how it will look. After the concept DESIGNIT4U would then be glad to finish the design in a timely and cost effective way. Solid Modeling DESIGNIT4U can provide solid models of existing 2D designs in order for your company to step up to a system that contains all the information in a single part. Using a computer model for your parts or equipment allows the saving of weight, size and physical mechanical properties attached to it that can then be carried over to the 2D model. Solid modeling is also parametric, meaning that when one part in a device or piece of equipment changes, the 2D drawing automatically updates. This can be a tremendous cost saving for the engineering department.

    Legacy Conversion

    Concept Development Detailing

    Plant & Process Layout

    - Hand drawn

    - Migration from 2D

    - Data extraction

    - Data validation

    - Parametric models

    - Associative

    - Castings

    - Plastic parts

    - Sheet metal parts

    - Initial concept

    - Convert to 3D

    - Concept layout

    - Assembly fitment

    - Stack-up analysis

    - Product definition

    - GD & T

    - DFSS

    - DFR15

    - Part drawings

    - Assembly layouts

    - Manufacturing drawings

    - Process sheets

    - Tool drawings

    - Sales drawings

    - Product drawing

    - Part lists

    - Structural

    - Electrical

    - Mechanical

    - Piping

    - Hydraulics

    - Pneumatic

    - HVAC

  • Designit4U Offers Support services in the area of Product Development in the following areas

    Concept Development Reverse Engineering Engineering Design Prototyping

    - Initial Concept

    - Convert to 3D

    - Concept Layout

    - Assembly Fitment

    - Stack-up Analysis

    - Product Definition

    - GD & T

    - DFSS

    - CMM

    - Micro Profile Tester

    - Roundness, Roughness tester

    - Profile Projector

    - CAD Modeling & Surfacing

    - QFD

    - DFMEA

    - PFMEA

    - Transfer Functions

    - DOE

    - DFMA

    - DFSS

    - Design Automation

    - Rapid prototyping

    - Hand Molding

    - Soft Tools

    - CNC Machining

    - Jigs and Fixtures

    Design Engineering Services for New Product Development

    Product Development for Electronic Products Product Development for Medical Equipment Design Product Development related to the Clean Energy Industry Industrial Product Design for Semiconductor Tools and Equipment Process Automation requiring Custom Machine Design Custom Machine Design for Material Handling Equipment Equipment Design for Manufacturing Tools or Factory Automation Test Equipment Design for Manufacturing Quality Control Engineering Analysis including Structural / Thermal / Fluids (FEM / FEA / CFD) Rapid Prototyping for New Product Development Fabrication, Assembly, Test & Debug for Custom Machine Design Project Management Consulting for the New Product Development Process Professional Engineering Project Plans for startups seeking funding Mechanical Engineering Design Services including documentation

  • Drafting and Documentation Services DESIGNIT4U provides Engineering Design Documentation of any manner as required to complete a project. From writing a product specification to detailed piece part drawings, bills of material and assembly drawings, any documentation required is a routine part of our service offerings. Areas of Expertise Mechanical Product(detailed piece part) drawings Manufacturing (detailed piece part) drawings Reverse engineering documentation Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Assembly drawings, Orthographic / Isometric Bills of Material (BOM's) Manufacturing Manufacturing system layout drawings Manufacturing tool drawings Installation drawings Lean Manufacturing - Operational Method Sheets (OMS) Electrical Schematics Card Drawings Harness Assemblies Cable Drawings Technical Writing Operators / Users Manuals Installation Manuals Maintenance Manuals Technical Illustrations Patent drawings Publications support, user manuals, assembly instructions, etc. Presentation graphics

  • EngineeringAnalysisSolutions

    FE modeling Structural CFD NVH Multi body Dynamics

    - 2D Mesh

    - Tetra Mesh

    - Hexa Mesh

    - Static

    - Dynamic

    - Transient

    - Spectrum

    - Buckling

    - Couple Field

    - Thermal

    - Linear

    - Non-Linear

    - Fatigue

    - Plasticity

    - Compressible

    - Incompressible

    - Conjugate Heat Transfer

    - Hydro-dynamics

    - Fluid Structure Interaction

    - Combustion Modeling

    - Aerodynamics

    - Sound Transmission

    - Sound Radiation

    - Sound Quality Study

    - Vibration

    - Structure Borne Noise

    - Air Borne Noise

    - Squeak & Rattle

    - Buzz

    - Boom & Shake

    - Mechanism Simulations

    - Rigid Body

    - Flexible Body

    - Dynamics

    - Kinematics

    - Robotics

  • FiniteElementAnalysis

    Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is one of the most powerful virtual product design and verification simulation tool available for predicting the behavior of complete systems, sub-systems, components or assemblies during expected or extreme use, in a virtual environment. Designit4u can develop FEA models for all types of analysis.

    LinearandNonLinearStaticsAnalysisLinear and Non-Linear statics analysis is used for design and verification of products using a variety of structural and thermal loads. Knowing how a design will perform under different statics load conditions allows Designit4u engineers to recommend changes prior to physical prototyping, thus saving clients both time and money.

    Non-linearity includes geometric and material non-linearity effects. In the real world, most engineering problems contain some kind of nonlinear effect.

  • AdvancedNonLinearAnalysisVirtually all physical processes of interest to engineers are non-linear to some extent. Often mathematical models of sufficient accuracy for design purposes can be formulated using linear approximations Typical applications include:

    Advanced Contact Analysis Prediction of Structural Failure Non Linear Stress Analysis Elevated Temperature Structural Simulations Highly Non-Linear Materials

    ContactStressAnalysisContacts are not applied by default in most finite element analysis even though frictional contact is the most common in almost all engineering situations. Utilizing the latest algorithms in our analysis Designit4u can help our clients predict the contact stresses in your application, be it an insertion/extraction, press-fit, or frictional contact, to help with design and verification.

    FrequencyandBucklingAnalysisInherent vibration modes in structural components or mechanical support systems can shorten equipment life and cause unexpected failures. Designit4u analysis experts can evaluate natural frequencies or critical buckling loads and recommend design changes to improve product performance.

  • ThermalAnalysisThermal analysis deals with analyzing the effects of temperature on materials and design. Three types of thermal effects, namely conduction, convection and radiation can be studied using advanced computer simulations. Designit4u engineers have experience with modeling many complex thermal analyses both steady state and transient.

    CoupledThermalStructuralAnalysisCoupled thermal and structural analysis is typically applied to structures that experience operating loads at high temperatures like automotive exhaust, engines.

  • VibrationAnalysisAll physical bodies have particular frequencies at which they will readily vibrate. The ability to predict these natural frequencies and the associated mode shapes is crucial to numerous areas of engineering In addition to identifying modes of vibration, forced vibration analysis can be conducted to determine the response of a structure to various types of excitation loading.

    Typical forms of forced vibration analysis include:

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