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  • 1. energy There are some 617 offshore installations over 25 years old the Asia Pacific decommissioning market is energy just beginning! Brian Twomey, Reverse Engineering 2nd Annual offshore DeCoMMissioning ACT NOW AND sUMMit, asia paCifiC YOU COULD SAVE UP TO $500! Singapore, October 13-14 2010 DETAILS INSIDE effeCtiveLy pLan yoUr DeCoMMissioning strategy, reDUCing Costs throUgh a LoCaLLy soUrCeD sUppLy Chain Training Workshop LegisLaTions and reguLaTions CosT esTimaTions LoCaL Case sTudies environmenTaL opTions TeChnoLogy updaTe UnDerstanD LegisLations anD regULations: learn EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDE: about decommissioning guidelines in your region and how they will impact on your decommissioning portfolio Cost estiMations: gain an in-depth understanding of decommissioning costs region by region to help effectively plan your approach to decommissioning DeCoMMissioning options: gain insight into decommissioning options available in the Asia Pacific for your future projects reaL Life Case stUDies: hear about successfully implemented decommissioning strategies for projects in the Asia Pacific, North Sea And Gulf of Mexico teChnoLogy anD serviCes UpDate: learn about the latest well P&A, cutting and subsea technologies available for use on decommissioning projects in the Asia Pacific WhaT has been said abouT our deCommissioning evenTs: Silver Sponsor: Global Registration Sponsor: Interesting & educational professionally organised and executed. Cheryl Lansford, Consultant project engineering, exxonmobil MEDIA PARTNERS: EXPERT-LED DECOMMISSIONING wORKShOP open noW! Decommissioning strategies Agenda details Cost estimations for decommissioning Speaker line up Training the local workforce Sponsor & exhibition info Management of decommissioning projects Exclusive offers Safety in decommissioning & booking form Join 200+ decommissioning leaders for two vital days in your 2010 calendar open noW for fULL DetaiLs!
  • 2. Hear how to plan your decommissioning strategy and reduce costs by staying local Join 200+ industry professionals at this landmark event and effectively plan your decommissioning strategy, reducing costs through a locally sourced supply chain, for the Asia Pacific Installations have to be REGION SPECIFIC NO BETTER PLACE TO PLAN decommissioned at the end of ANSWERS YOU NEED AND PREPARE FOR ASIA PACIFIC production. So, it is a must, not DECOMMISSIONING The main body of the summit delves deep into a choice for decommissioning the Asia Pacifics decommissioning challenges. Forming a successful decommissioning Some of the subjects covered include: strategy is no easy task. Here at DecomWorld Tongchai Tonsuwunnarat, we have done everything we can to ensure REGIONSPECIFICREGULATIONS Senior Facilities Engineer, regulators and industry bodies from across that The 2nd Annual Asia Pacific Offshore Decommissioning Summit is focused on Chevron Thailand the Asia Pacific will give you insight into providing first rate real world decommissioning activity in their territories so you can identify information, tips and best practices. Our Asia the areas where decommissioning projects Pacific specific agenda is based on hundreds are going to happen first. of hours of research and in depth discussion In the Asia Pacific region there are an ENVIRONMENTALRESPONSIBILITIES with representatives from many of the major estimated 617 offshore platforms over discover what environmental options future regulators, national/major/independent 25 years old, all of which will need to be decommissioning projects should implement operators, integrated contractors, industry decommissioned in the near future. So when as well as the ins and outs of the rigs to reef associations and analysts, consultants and we say decommissioning activity is set to programmes in the Asia Pacific region. academics. accelerate rapidly in the Asia Pacific region, COSTESTIMATIONS get to grips with its no market prediction, its a fact. If you are This level of research is unparalleled and international costing standards and accuracy a decommissioning service provider this is ensures that by attending this event operators benchmarks and learn how to avoid costly are guaranteed to learn vital information that an opportunity you cant ignore. If you are an project overruns. will have real value to them in their everyday operator you have a choice you can get your REAL-WORLDCASESTUDIES hear case work. Beyond that this summit will bring decommissioning strategy locked in now or studies from the Iwaki Platform in Japan, together all the key players in Asia Pacific you can risk wasting a lot of time, money and Lufeng in the South China Sea as well as decommissioning giving attendees a shortcut resources. examples from the North Sea and Gulf of to making personal connections with otherwise Mexico. hard to reach industry contacts. The 2nd Annual Asia Pacific Offshore LOCALTECHNOLOGIESANDSERVICES Decommissioning Summit (13th 14th The team behind the 2nd Annual Offshore find out what technologies are available October, 2010, Singapore) has been created Decommissioning Summit have a proven in the Asia Pacific region and how using to provide the latest region specific business history in creating industry leading events for locally sourced companies and products will intelligence that smart operators need to get the nuclear, oil and gas, tidal, solar and wind save you money. Hear a comparison of well their decommissioning plan in place, and that energy industries. Year after year hundreds of P&A, heavy lift and various cutting options service providers need to make the most of industry executives att