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  • 1. Daniel J. Alt


  • Strength is in providing solutions to help others make a difference in their businesses, while simultaneously achieving the goals of my team.
  • Dan is extremely knowledgeable in his field, having an extensive background in printing, broad sales experience, as well as product management expertise. He is very detail-oriented, and thorough. Dan is quite personable and therefore very approachable.
    • Eleanor Armstrong , Sales Supervisor , Appleton Papers Inc.
  • Dan brought great skill and knowledge to his job as sales supervisor at Appleton. He gained instant credibility with end users (printers) as he was a skilled pressman and even taught the trade. Dan was extremely attentive to his customers... answering their calls quickly, showing he cared, coming up with new ideas for their business, pursuing new business relentlessly, and simply being an advocate for his customers.
      • Tim G Broderick, Director of Sales, xpedx

Reason For Interest 3. Education

  • UW-Stout Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Communications
        • Degree is designed to prepare graduates for management and supervisory positions for the printing and publishing industry.
          • Stout Typographical Society 1980-1984, Sergeant at Arms 1984
        • Stout Typographical Society is a student-run organization for students who are interested in printing, graphics, and communication areas.

4. Work Experience

  • APPLETON (formerly Appleton Papers Inc.), Appleton, WI
    • A 100% employee-owned $1 billion company producing value added paper and film products.
  • Product Manager (2001 - 2008)
    • Executed strategic market plan for carbonless paper product line representing $400 million in sales and managed two Product Specialists.
  • Sales Supervisor , St. Charles, IL (1997 - 2001)
    • B2B sales responsibility in territory covering IL, IN and IA with sales in excess of $15 million and managed telesales associate.

5. Work Experience cont

  • Senior Graphic Arts Specialist(1991 - 1993)
  • Graphic Arts Specialist(1988 - 1991)
    • Operated offset presses and high speed copiers in an R&D environment to audit carbonless production, evaluate experimental products and assessed competitive product performance.
  • Technical Education Teacher (1984 - 1988)
    • Taught Introductory Printing, Introductory Electricity, and Advanced Production Printing Principles to students in grades 9 12.

6. Accomplishments

  • Golden Circle for Sales Achievement
  • 100% Club for Sales Achievement
  • Sales vendor-of-the-year two consecutive years
  • R&D Service Merit Award
  • Golden Apple Quality Award

7. Professional Experience

  • Customer Centric Sales
  • Market Facing Insight
  • Product Lifecycle Management
    • New product development to product rationalization
  • Project Management
    • Microsoft Project training
  • Training & Education

8. Industry Related Skills

  • Microsoft Project, Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Sharepoint
  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Ink & Paper Relationship
  • Paper Manufacturing

9. Business Philosophy

  • Built a reputation for ethical and responsible business practices throughout my entire career.
  • My Shared Values:
  • Show respect forPeople .
  • Conduct business withIntegrity .
  • TakeOwnership for my actions.
  • Provide products and services of the highestQuality .
  • Focus on doing it right the first time at every level of business.
  • Pursue and supportInnovation.

10. Management Style

  • Rely on the skills and experience of employees/peers.
  • Team involvement in the decision making process.
      • Is not consensus-building decision making.
  • Active solicitation of ideas and opinions from employees/peers.
  • Real responsibility and real trust in employees/peers

11. Goal Setting & Objectives

  • Built from the top down.
    • Share strategy and provide team members with overall direction.
  • Develop plans within the company to minimize surprises.
  • Create fair and objective measurement instruments.
    • Team members know where they stand at all times.
    • Allows the organization to operate with integrity and dignity.
  • Empowerment, accountability and responsibility.
    • Promotes initiative, teamwork and excellence.
  • Communicate business results verses strategy.
    • Communicate changes in strategy so team members can make well informed decisions and take appropriate business actions.
  • Encourage learning and personal growth.

12. Strategy Development

  • Qualify prospect with a general understanding of the market.
  • Gain better understanding of the prospect's business to develop the go-to-market strategy.
  • Conduct needs assessment and cost/benefit analysis.
    • Can we meet the needs of the customer in a cost-effective manner?
  • Begin to engage the sales strategy.
  • Present the value proposition.
  • Implement account management process.

13. Problem Solving& Decision Making

  • Recognize that a problem exists.
  • Determine the significance of the problem.
  • Gather data and information relevant to the conditions associated with the problem.
  • Decision-making begins.

14. Financial Management Experience

    • Present value proposition before going into price negotiations
    • Quid pro quo agreements are necessary for a true partnership to exist.
    • Leaving money on the table undermines your companys value, revenue, and profits and reduces the chancefor a longer term partnership to flourish.
    • Understanding your value proposition, cost structure and the competitive forces at work in your markets will eliminate wasted time on low or no margin business.

Cost to Serve 15. Forward Looking Visions

  • Digital technology will continue to allow businesses the opportunity to reach individuals with variable-data printing.
    • "One-size-fits-all sales/marketing campaigns are no longer relevant.
  • Environmental sustainability will be a key driver for businesses that expect continued growth in the future.
  • Pressure to source materials locally and regionally increases as companys drive to reduce risks associated with their supply chains.