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<ul><li> 1. 1Customer Experience DesignCustomer Experience Design Idris First Presentation 2003 Updated 20072003 2007 Idris Mootee </li></ul> <p> 2. 2 What is customer experience?Social connectionsUser Experience InteractionsUsabilityCustomer Experience Customer ExperienceCustomer ServiceCustomer RelationshipsDesign Advertising 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 3. 3 New Paradigm in Marketing Management Product-DrivenCustomer Experience-Driven Customer CustomerValueValueCustomer RelationshipsManagement Interactions Design 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 4. 4 How is it different from services?experiences are as distinct from services as services are from goods. Joseph Pine &amp; James Gilmore The Experience Economy2003 2007 Idris Mootee 5. 5 Product Design as Customer Experience IT adopted it The next stages In the 90'sin a limited way are service design... Design started to become a mega trendIn the 80's, IT wasengineering centred and it showedBusiness Actors.. and experience design.MIT Jonathan Design agencies JohnMedialab Ive @ Apple NaisbittSource: Adapted from Gartner Research2003 2007 Idris Mootee 6. 6 The Crossover of Business, Design and TechnologyCrossing over of of business, technology &amp; design will create a new strategic business discipline within 5 years . the Next Competitive Advantage! Internal specialist unit of IT hybridinnovatorsDesign &amp;&amp; Architecture Design Architecture Work directly with vendor labsshould be part of your your 50 % of projects 'impossible' skills mix part of your your should be skills mix Budget 'not so much an issue' Apply to serviceApply to service Projects aim to create magicnot just product development not just product development Purpose - to support the brand Learn by experimentLearn by experimentexperiencebe prepared to accept failures be prepared to accept failures Seek the 'wow' factorSeek the 'wow' factor and learn to value it Technology enablersand learn to value itWireless Be multi-disciplinary value Be multi-disciplinary value ProcessorProcessor Graphics Displays devices idea exchange, suppressidea exchange, suppressnarrow minded derogatorycultures minded derogatorynarrow$ culturesp q pn Source: Adapted from Gartner Research 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 7. 7 Customer Experience as Business Strategy If you choose a high-value, high-cost strategy as your basis of competition, the next question is How do you generate profitable and sustainable innovation? Not only managing costs but also managing imagination.2003 2007 Idris Mootee 8. 8 Customer Experience is a Strategy to Shift Demand CurvesShifting the demand curve bycustomer experience designpPrice Demand for branded products with compelling customer experiences Demand for branded products Demand for unbranded product Quantity (share)2003 2007 Idris Mootee 9. 9 What is Customer Experience? Mass Advertising MarketingDirect Marketing / BTL CommunicationsDirect Face-to-Face (Pre and Post HumanSales) InteractionsThrough Other Communication DesignChannels (Pre and Post Sales) BrandProduct Experience ProductProduct Identity DesignProduct ImageWeb-based Interactions (remote) Technology- enabledPOS Interactions (in-store) InteractionsMobile-based Interactions DesignCommunities enabled by networks 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 10. 10 What is Customer Experience?Core Product or ServiceCustomerBrand Interactions Marketing2003 2007 Idris Mootee 11. 11 What is Customer Experience? Customer experience design is taking the customer views of the interactions to understand the emotional bond between the brand and customers. It requires a common understanding of the customer journey, then align the company actions to build emotional bonds.2003 2007 Idris Mootee 12. 12 What is Customer Experience? It is the collective set of experiences. on the web, in store or even tiny little things that companies. It is about understanding their unmet needs, wants, capabilities and desires in a deeply contextual level. And that leads to thoughtful and purposeful use of technologies, communities and imageries. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 13. 13 Why Customer Experience? the answer is pretty simple. Customers remember and value great experiences that demonstrate deep understanding and respect for their needs.When companies learn how to deliver and evolve differentiated experiences, they tend to build strong, enduring customer relationships and profitable businesses. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 14. 14 Questions To Ask What do we embed customer empathy into everything we do?How do we create compelling cross-channel experiences with customers and extended business partners?How do we create value from customer communities and bring them into the value creation process?2003 2007 Idris Mootee 15. 15 What is Customer Experience? Prada 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 16. 16 What is Customer Experience? LG2003 2007 Idris Mootee 17. 17 What is Customer Experience? Addidas2003 2007 Idris Mootee 18. 18 What is Customer Experience? Southwest2003 2007 Idris Mootee 19. 19 What is Customer Experience? Circuit City2003 2007 Idris Mootee 20. 20 What is Customer Experience? Apple 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 21. 21 What is Customer Experience? Facebook2003 2007 Idris Mootee 22. 22 What is Customer Experience? Win a Cow Shop - Tokyo 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 23. 23 What is Customer Experience? Nintendo 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 24. 24 What is Customer Experience? Yahoo 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 25. 25 What is Customer Experience? Harley Davison 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 26. 26 What is Customer Experience? Starbucks 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 27. 27 Why Customer Experience? Design Transforms even the [Biggest] Corporations! TARGET the champion of Americas new design democracy(Time) 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 28. 28 Why Customer Experience?Marketing becomes the ultimate social practice of postmodern consumer culture, it now plays an important role in giving meaning to life through consumption. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 29. 29 Why Customer Experience? Design is treated like a religion at BMW.Fortune Magazine2003 2007 Idris Mootee 30. 30 Why Customer Experience? We dont have a good language to talk about this kind of thing. In most peoples vocabularies, design means veneer. But to me, nothing could be further from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation.Steve Jobs, Apple Computers2003 2007 Idris Mootee 31. 31 Why Customer Experience?Meaning does not necessary emanate from the functional aspects of things. Consumer experiences of what are seemingly objectives properties are simply Cultural Constructions.60 Idris Mootee, 60 Minute Brand Strategist2003 2007 Idris Mootee 32. 32 What is Customer Experience ? Its about interactions! 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 33. 33 What is Customer Experience ?The design of real world and virtual spaces for conversations and interactions?Interactions to help customer to make informed decisions?Interactions with customer that build trust and relationships?Interactions that allow the customer to engage in a dialogue?2003 2007 Idris Mootee 34. 34 Customer Experience Design core design principles2003 2007 Idris Mootee 35. 35 Customer Experience Principles co-creation of value Customer experience innovation is a bottom up process, or tags or tag clouds (basically the process of allowing users to create their own taxonomies that feed a central community taxonomy). It means the product is not consumed but created at the time of use between the user and the system. Use the experience of customers to create value. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 36. 36 Customer Experience Principles consistency The core idea is to make things more user friendly by means of aesthetic consistency of style and appearance There is also functional consistency in terms of meaning and action. Standards are required to drive both. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 37. 37 Customer Experience Principles observation This includes ethnography, framing the experience design problem in the context or actual use, instead of asking what people want, observing what they need. (Contextual inquiry, observation, ethnography, participatory design etc.) 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 38. 38 Customer Experience Principles expectation effect This refers to ways in which expectations affect perception and behavior. When people are aware of a probable outcome, their perceptions and behavior are affected in many ways. Expectation management is a key part of customer experience design and delivery.2003 2007 Idris Mootee 39. 39 Customer Experience Principles exposure effect When stimuli are repeatedly presented and, as a result, are increasingly well liked and accepted. The strongest effect are seen with photos, meaningful words, simple shapes and smaller effects with icons and people. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 40. 40 Customer Experience Principles Hicks law It states that the time required to make a decision is a function of the number of available options. The fewer the customers are trained to perform time-critical procedures, train on the lowest possible responses for a given scenario. This will minimize error rates and drives users satisfaction. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 41. 41 Customer Experience Principles hierarchy of needs This principle specifies that a customer experience feature must serve the low-level needs, before the high-level needs can begin to addressed.2003 2007 Idris Mootee 42. 42 Customer Experience Principles immersionThis is a state of metal focus so intensethat awareness of the real world is lost,generally resulting in a moment of joyand satisfaction. Immersion can occurwhile working on a task, playing a game,reading a book. Example: a modifiedsense of time ( long hrs pass by in whatseems like minutes )2003 2007 Idris Mootee 43. 43 Customer Experience Principles customer life cycleAll customer experiences progressthrough stages of existence andunderstanding the implications of eachallow us to understand customerunmet needs. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 44. 44 Customer Experience Principles products as nodesThis is about making sure theexperience design takes into accountthe wider context of use (otherofferings, other customers), or thewider context of the offerings.Customers experience is anorganizations output in one integratedspace. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 45. 45 Customer Experience Principles mappingThis is about relationship aboutcontrols and their movements oreffects. It is about increasing the easeof use. Good mapping is primarily a HOMEfunction of similarity of design, behaviorand meaning 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 46. 46 Customer Experience Principles Ockhams razorGiven a choice betweenfunctionality equivalent designs,the simplest is always preferred.The idea is unnecessaryelements decrease efficiency andincrease probability ofunanticipated consequences.2003 2007 Idris Mootee 47. 47 Customer Experience Principles storytelling This is about creating imageries, emotions and understanding through sharing of stories with an audience. Story telling is powerful when enhanced through extended communities through the power of the networks. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 48. 48 Customer Experience Principles progressive disclosureAn effective approach for managinginformation complexity in which onlythe necessary or requested isdisplayed at any given time. Makingit easy for customer is often a bigpart of customer experience. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 49. 49 Customer Experience Principles Von Restorff effect This is about increased likelihood of remembering unique or distinctive events . Different in experience occur when something is noticeably different from past experience.2003 2007 Idris Mootee 50. 50 The Customer Experience Design Journey The customer experience innovation journey is a nonlinear cycle of divergent and convergent activities that may repeat over time and at different organizational levels and both ideas and resources are required to renew the cycle.This is the future of marketing. 2003 2007 Idris Mootee 51. 51 Danke Gracias Merci Thank you 2003 2007 Idris Mootee </p>