Customer Dis-satisfaction

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What causes customer dis-satisfaction on a website? In this SlideShow we explain the Webreep Customer Feedback Tool, based on Dr Brent Coker's Webreep Model of Website Customer Satisfaction.

Text of Customer Dis-satisfaction

  • 1. Exactly what does causecustomer dissatisfactionon a website?

2. Problem: The Guessing GameWhy dont new visitors stay?Why do my customers not come back?Why do people choose my competitors over me???????? 3. Problem: The Guessing GameData Overload what does it mean?Trial and error A/B Testing Guessing what customers wantCrunching numbers to identify trends Trends dont tell you how to fix it! There is no Why is this happening information 4. The Solution: Ask Customers DirectlyTraditional Analytics Tools = What is happeningWebreep = Why its happeningGoogle Analytics + Webreep = Superior Insight 5. The SolutionDissatisfied/unsatisfied customers wont tell you. They just defect to your competitors.BUT, if you ask them, they will tell you whats wrong 6. The Importance of SatisfactionSatisfied customers tell others! Word of mouth is key onlineSatisfied customers come back! Loyalty is critical for business success 7. Predicting Satisfaction: The Webreep Model 7 years of academicresearch to findexactly whatcauses websiteSatisfaction Out-of-the boxquestions Notraining required we already ( Coker, 2007)worked it out 8. Automated Regression Algorithms No number crunching or specialized knowledge required 9. Website Feedback Form 10. 100% Customizable 11. Natural Language Processing Algorithm 12. Flexibility: Custom Questions 13. Flexibility: Multiple Feedback FormsSpecify different questions for each page 14. Thank you!www.webreep.comTwitter: info@webreep.comBlog: