Curly’s carpet repair for the big carpets where there was big box set

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Curly’s Carpet Repair is the professional carpet repair they will able to solve all your problems regarding to carpets like, Big Carpet Patch of your basement or any piece of big carpet. For more details view our presentation.

Text of Curly’s carpet repair for the big carpets where there was big box set

  • - Big carpet Repair where there was big box set The client had a built in box from the wall to the middle of the room. Commercial carpets are typically difficult to seam especially when I have to fit it in-between two carpet pieces.
  • - Big Carpet Piece Missing As you can see this big carpet patch looked great after I was done. The owner was really happy because the alternative was to spend a lot of money replacing the carpet.
  • - The Big Carpet Patch in Basement If your carpet is getting a bit older or has stains that seem permanent, dont give up on it just yet. Our customers are routinely astonished when we repair their carpet to a like-new condition, even when it has the worst of stains. Its normal for carpets to suffer from all sorts of wear and tear. Every homeowner suffers from the nightmare slow-motion spill scenario from time to time. Dont worry about it though. We have an affordable solution. Give us a call and well have your carpet looking great.
  • - The Big Carpet patch We fix all types of damage, including: water damage, moth damage, or damage from vacuum cleaners, burns from cigarettes and heat lamps, and of course carpet stains of just about any kind.
  • - Professional Carpet Repair If your carpet is damaged, only select parts of it will need replacement. When we clean the undamaged old sections and replace the damaged parts with new segments, the cost is significantly lower than getting a new carpet, and it looks great too! Carpet repair is undoubtedly still the fastest and most affordable way to get your rooms looking spiffy again.
  • - Contact Information Vancouver 1255 Comox Street Vancouver, BC V6E 1K6 Canada Phone: (604) 282-6630
  • - For Watching for more Information Click Here Curlys Carpet Repair


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