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This webcast from Lee Odden shares a practical approach for creative and efficient content creation that leverages a mix of evergreen, repurposed, curated and co-created content that attracts, engages and converts new business. Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing is author of Optimize: Win more customers with Social Media, SEO and Content Marketing.


<p>Creative Content Marketing</p> <p>Creative Content MarketingLee Odden,, Author: Optimize</p> <p>Hosted by Dave Chaffey, </p> <p>Get Better Results with Content Marketing using this practical framework for content creation, promotion and engagement. </p> <p>Digital Marketing Priorities 2013 Brought to you by:About SmartInsights.comAdvice on planning and managing digital marketing </p> <p>About Lee OddenCEO @ TopRankMarketingEditor MarketingBlog.comAuthor OptimizeBook.comConsultant, SpeakerDigital Marketing Since1997</p> <p>@leeodden</p> <p>AgendaThe Content ImperativeGreat Content Isnt Great UnlessWinning Content ExamplesContent Optimization ModelCase StudyWinning Formula for Sustainable, Creative Content</p> <p>Content Marketing #1#1Image: Shutterstock</p> <p></p> <p>5Image: Shutterstock</p> <p>Econsultancy/Responsys Marketing Budgets 2013 Report70%Increasing content investment</p> <p>SEO Has Changed. Forever.AlgorithmsPandasPengins</p> <p>7</p> <p>Image: ShutterstockMass Rush to Content MarketingWhat is the Result?</p> <p>Girl Image: ShutterstockVelocity Partners</p> <p>Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail</p> <p>What if we run out of things to say?Where will we find people to create all this content?Image credit: ShutterstockThere are only so many things we can write about widgets.We dont have the staff to write articles every day.Content Marketing Maturity Model</p> <p>1. Stand:CuriosityNo Resources</p> <p>2. Stretch:ExperimentEvaluate </p> <p>3. Walk:StrategyProcessesResources in/out</p> <p>4. Jog:Culture ofContentPublisher</p> <p>5. Run:MonetizableContentIntegration</p> <p> does your company fall in the content marketing maturity model?StandStretchWalkJogRun</p> <p></p> <p>Creative Alone, Doesnt Win</p> <p>Whats Missing?Where is the Promotion?Advertising = Go Viral = Unreliable</p> <p>Promotion is Key: Publicize SocializeOptimizeFindable &amp; Shareable: the stalking dead infographic novel</p> <p>Great Content isnt really greatuntil it gets found,consumed, and shared.VoteWhich content marketing activitydo you invest most in?A. Featured articlesB. VideosC. WhitepapersD. Images, Graphics, InfographicsE. Buyers guides.</p> <p>What are some examples of winningcreative content that are optimized and socialized?</p> <p> Content - Lists</p> <p>Winning Content - ExperiencesWinning Content - Campaigns</p> <p>Image: Econsultancy</p> <p>Winning Content Social</p> <p>Winning</p> <p>Reward Content InteractionsWhats the Payoff?</p> <p>VoteWhat types of content do you produce most often?EntertainInspireEducateConvince</p> <p>Customer Information Behaviors</p> <p>DiscoverConsumeAct Content Marketing</p> <p>Persona:Admin JaneInfluences CEO</p> <p>Values:= Fast= Save $= ServiceFastSave $ServiceBlogawarenessconsiderationpurchaseretentionadvocacyinterestFacebookBylinePPCEmail OfferLocatorTips ArticlesNewsletterBlogSoc NetAdsPress BlogReviewsPPCDiscountLoyaltyCommunityVIPReferralArticleMediaReviewsBlogDisplayOffersNetworkThank YouReferralRewardsContent:= Topics= Keywords= Media &amp; ChannelOptimize Across the LifecycleEditorial Plan: Content, SEO, Social</p> <p>Free Download XLS at: do you manage the bulk of your content creation?A. Most activity outsourced to agencyB. Most activity in-house creation, curation and outreachC. Hybrid combination of in-house and outsourced</p> <p>Social NetworksDirect social messagesEmail BlogSearch</p> <p>PDFSlideshareLong form interviewsSingle images</p> <p>ContributeDownloadSubscribeShareAttend ConferenceExample: Discover Consume - ActAll Content &amp; Promotions Consider:FindabilityEngagement Shareability</p> <p>You're a secret agent on a mission and you're having a rendezvous with your agency contact after pulling a dangerous undercover operation. </p> <p>You now have a coveted secret. A content marketing secret. </p> <p>What secret for achieving success with content marketing will you share? The content marketing world depends on it!One Clever QuestionB2BEnterpriseSMBToolsWin budgetEnterpriseSMBB2BToolsWin budgetEnterpriseSMBToolsWin budgetB2BEnterpriseB2BSMBToolsWin budgetTop 10 B2B MarketingTacticsB2BEnterpriseSMBToolsWin budgetToolsB2BEnterpriseSMBWin budgetB2BEnterpriseSMBWin budgetToolsB2BEnterpriseToolsSMBWin budgetTop 20 Content Marketing ToolsPlanned Repurposing</p> <p>1. Created Demand2. Dominated SERPs3. Event Awareness4. Registrations, Sessions</p> <p>43k ebook views - 6 days1k+ PDF downloads5k views interviews500+ social shares100+ inbound linksWhat Happened?</p> <p>Winning Formula:Brand LeadershipCustomer EmpathyStorytelling &amp; Creativity= Results! questions please!</p> <p>Recommended Smart Insights resources:7 Steps Guide to Content Marketing StrategyEditorial calendar templates</p> <p>Great content isnt great until its discovered, consumed and shared. </p> <p>Facts tell, stories sell.</p> <p>Winning creative is about results, not awards.</p> <p>Brand leadership + customer empathy &amp; creativity = content marketing results.</p>


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