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  • 1. Changzhou Wanhong Textile Company Co., Ltd.COMPANY PROFILEMajor Product Range: Various Pure Cotton Fabric/BlendedYarn Jacquard Fabrics: Plain Weaving/Twill Weaving, Khaki,Satin Drill, etc.Existing Markets: Japan, Europe and North AmericaOEM: YesODM: NoFactory Location: Changzhou, Jiangsu ProvinceNo. of Workers: 200R & D Department: YesTwill FabricProduction Lead Time: 40-50 DaysMonthly Production Capacity: 2,000,000mApprovals/Certificates: ISO9000Primary Competitive Advantages:- Imported equipments, labor saving, the price hascompetitive advantage- A powerful R&D team, energy-saving and environmentconservative products- Sufficient financial resources, independent control onevery production procedure, from raw material purchasingto finished product, quality guarantee Double Cloth- Rich experience in export trade and service Pointed DrillSpandex SatinHalf Spandex Oxford Changzhou Wanhong Textile Company Co., Ltd. Add: 383 Xinqing Road, Xinzha Town, Zhonglou District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province Tel: 0519-83266600 Fax: 0519-83265500 E-mail: 1 2011-9-27 15:10:57


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