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Contents Page production

Contents Page production

Firstly I created a pink rectangle with the rectangle tool and placed it at the top of my page. I chose the colour as it was in keeping with my colour scheme. I created the box to place my masthead on top of it as many professional magazine contents pages do this.

I then created my masthead. I did this using the horizontal text tool. I added the U of Underground, this breaks slightly from codes and conventions as most professional magazines would have there entire title however, I felt it was more important to have the word contents in bold so readers would instantly recognise it was the contents page. I added the date and issue number as it is standard codes and conventions.

Next I added my first image and the page number to anchor it to its article. I made this image the largest as it was strongest image and was the artist from my double page spread. I used this image as it featured an artist from my targeted social group.

I then added the next two images and also anchored them with page numbers so readers could easily navigate my magazine. I did this as it conformed with codes and conventions. I also added the subsidiary images as they fitted with codes and conventions. I made the page numbers pink to keep with my codes and conventions.

I then added a black box across the bottom of the page so I could place my editors letter and subscription box somewhere. I used the colour black as it conformed with my colour scheme.

I then created my editors letter. I added the text using the horizontal text tool. I made the text pink and white to correspond with my colour scheme. I also added a picture of the editor as is standard codes and conventions. I used the rectangle tool to separate the editors letter and subsequent subscription box.

I then created my subscription box and added my contents. I added my subscription box by using the horizontal text tool and I combined pink and white to conform with my colour scheme. I also added an image of my front cover into the subscription box as this is commonly done by professional magazines.