Connected Congregations: Connected Communications

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Using communications to build relationships and support a culture of engagement.

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  • 1. Connected Communications Presented by Lisa Colton January 14, 2014 #connectcongs

2. Our Plan Broadcast to Networks The Goal: Engagement and Relationships 5 Strategies: Celebrating people Develop a culture of connection Shareable content Being a platform for conversation Adding a personal touch Language Audit 3. Traditional Mindset: Hub & Spokes 4. Informational -> Relational 5. Communications & Community commn/i -re -vi & -i -atum vt. build (a fortification); fortify; strengthen. commni/ -nis f. sharing in common, communion. commnt/s --tis f. fellowship; sense of fellowship; affability. commnti -nis f. preparing the way. 6. The Goal: Engagement & Relationships Temple Beth Abraham in Tarrytown, NY 7. That starts with YOU. 8. ENGAGEMENT, NOT LIKES! Likes -> Reach -> Engagement -> Action/Impact Likes < Reach Reach < Engagement 9. Celebrating People 10. Temple Israel, Memphis Facebook Page 11. Tagging and Mentioning Names OnlineAnd in print, and on the bima! 12. Develop a culture of connectionWhat leads to connection? 13. Develop a culture of connection What leads to connection? Honesty Transparency Vulnerability Appreciation 14. INVITE DEEPER CONNECTION MODEL IT YOURSELF 15. SHOW COMMUNITY AND CONNECTION IN ALL CHANNELS 16. CREATE SHAREABLE CONTENTHint: often about shared values and human insight, not org-focused. 17. Platform for ConversationCHANNEL YOUR BEST HOSTING SKILLS. WHATS IMPORTANT? 18. Ask Questions! Congregation Beth Israel, San Diego 19. LISTEN! 20. Mike Moxness with Debbie Echt-Moxness On Living On After a Diagnosis of Cancer 21. Add a Personal Touch It sounds like a good move for you, so I'm glad about that. I certainly know about the pulls of family--that's how I ended up in Virginia myself (my parents had retired to Virginia Beach, where my mom is still. And at her age it is comforting to be able to be there in 2 hours when necessary). I can't tell you how sorry I am to be losing you and your family, but I'll hope to get the chance to try when I see you in person. And I definitely plan to make the most out of your remaining six months here. 22. Add a Personal Touch Thank you for your question. I have loved watching you become a grandmother. The photos of the twins on Facebook are adorable, and I can feel your bright energy when I see you in person. I cant wait until its my turn! (Not to rush anything!) 23. Make it Personal 24. DESIGNING FOR SOCIAL Dont be a bullhorn Integrate with programs, goals, strategies Be people focused, not institutionally focused 25. Language Audit: January 1. Choose one communication artifact that is relevant to your congregations focus for this year. 2. Use our lens to heighten awareness about the overt and covert messages that may be expressed or inferred and explore what changes you might consider as part of your journey as a Connected Congregation. Analyze, empathize, role play, brainstorm, explore. And then SHARE!