Computer Franchise Opportunities in Video Conferencing for VARs + MSPs (Slides)

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DESCRIPTION SUMMARY SLIDES: One of the most promising computer franchise opportunities, video conferencing, offers unlimited opportunities to small IT solution providers. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.


<ul><li> 1. SPHomeRun.comComputer FranchiseOpportunities inVideo Conferencing for VARs + MSPsCourtesy of theSmall Business Computer Consulting Blog</li></ul> <p> 2. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comWith Only a FewBig Players andBottomlessDemand, 3. Sponsored by Video Conferencing is an Ideal Niche for Small and Medium Franchises to Explore 4. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comThe Worldis Your Oyster 5. Sponsored by The Most Popular Video Conferencing Services are: 6. Sponsored by HD MultipointBoardroom VideoConferencing 7. Sponsored by VideoArraignment 8. Sponsored by Video RemoteInterpreting 9. Sponsored by Telemedicine 10. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comThe Recent Shift toCloud-basedVariants of theServices FurtherWidens Your Market 11. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comLets Talk Money 12. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comThe Industry Grewby a Staggering48% in the Year2004 alone 13. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comAccording toInfonetics, VideoConferencing was a$3 Billion Industryin June 2011 14. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comIt is Expected toGrow to $5 Billionby 2015 15. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comIf you goa Step BeyondConferencing byIncluding VisualCommunications 16. Sponsored by OnlineCollaboration 17. Sponsored by MultipointMeetings 18. Sponsored by VideoArraignment 19. Sponsored by Video RemoteInterpreting 20. Sponsored by UnifiedCommunications 21. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comYou Would be aPart of an evenBigger Industry, 22. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comCurrently Valuedat $10 Billion andEstimated toTouch $15 Billionin the Next 3 Years 23. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comHow Vidtel did it 24. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comVidtel has Growninto a VideoConferenceProvider with Morethan 40 Channels 25. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comThe Innovationsthat CreatedVidtels Successinclude: 26. Sponsored by Minimization ofExtra Hardware Subscription-based Services 27. Sponsored by Bundling withA/V Hardware White LabelPricing for all ofits Services 28. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comThis is One of thoseComputer FranchiseOpportunities thatis Not to be Missed 29. Sponsored by Does Your Firm Currently Offer Video Conferencing Solutions to its Clients? 30. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comHow Does thisPlatform CompareTo other CurrentComputer FranchiseOpportunities? 31. Sponsored by ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comSPHomeRun.comPlease ShareYour Thoughts inthe CommentsSection Below 32. Recommended Reading:13 Computer Franchisesthat Start Up and SupportComputer Repair, IT Consulting, andManaged Service Provider BusinessesDownload this Free Special Report Now at ComputerFranchiseOpportunities.comCopyright SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc. </p>


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