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  • 1. Community Assessment Resources Prof. Linda Weinberg
  • 2. A Community Assessment Is a Description of a Community and its People. It is used to determine what services might be needed in a community and how those services might best be provided. Conducted by health care professionals, government entities, social service providers, educational institutions, businesses, and anyone interested in providing a service to or for the community. A good article about community assessment: "A Critical Skill for the Future: Community Assessment," by Susan S. Gerber . The appendix has suggested sources for finding different types of community information.
  • 3. Useful Resources for Assessing a Community Observational Personal Interviews of Residents Windshield Surveys (personal observation of a community from a drive by) Official Archives Census Data Chambers of Commerce Departments of Health Secondary Sources Books, Maps Periodical articles Web Sites (Note: the Web can contain observational, official, and secondary sources.)
  • 4. Community Assessment Guide Examples Pace University (New York) Community Asse Maryville University (St. Louis) Community A In depth example of Granite City, Illinois
  • 5. 1st Place to Search:
  • 6. What is a Census Tract?Census tracts are small, relativelypermanent statistical subdivisions of acounty.
  • 7. Use American FactFinder to find a Census Tract
  • 8. Click on Address Search
  • 9. Type in an Address
  • 10. Under Results, Click Census Tract then Close the Window
  • 11. Census Tract Statistics for a specific community
  • 12. Next Place to Search:Infoshare Online Database
  • 13. Infoshare Online Database New York State and NY City population statistics, immigration trends, socio-economic indicators, birth and death data, hospitalizations, local economic data, and more. Search by Census Tract, zip code, village, town, city, etc. Pace Universitys great video about how to search the Infoshare database: Find Infoshare in the A-Z list of databases on the Adelphi Library home page
  • 14. Health StatisticsAdelphi Guide on Finding Health Statistics
  • 15. Community Resource Database of Long Island
  • 16. Get Additional Information From Your Local Public Library Nassau County Public Libraries Suffolk County Public Libraries New York Public Libraries (Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island) Queens Public Libraries Brooklyn Public Libraries
  • 17. State and County Government Websites New York State: New York City: NYS and NYC Counties: Counties, cities, towns, and villages in New York State a

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