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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Event : THE CLEAN BIN PROJECT DOCUMENTARY</p> <p>Slides will be posted on our</p> <p>With the multitude of the things wrong in this world, is it possible for one individual to make a lasting impact?History is painted with individuals who have made a difference, but they werent alone!225You dont have to be David Suzuki to make a difference!Anyone can make changes no matter how big or small! </p> <p>Where we shop!Places to shop:Farmers markets are a great way to connect with the people who make your food. There are four major ones in Montreal: www.marchespublic-mlt.comStudent cooperatives, like: Le frigo Vert, 2130 Rue MackayLocal food shop, in SSMU</p> <p>Whats in season?</p> <p>DANGERBeware of green washing!The best thing you can do is ask questions. Ask where your food is coming from and how it was made.</p> <p>What is the most important thing I can do for the environment?A. Get involved!The most profound effect you can have on changing your habits is getting involved in your community. From volunteering at your local eco-quartier to collecting one-sided paper, there are a plethora of things to get involved in.There are many projects on campus that are dedicated to sustainability, like: Edible CampusIdea slam (vision 2020)Eco caf</p> <p>B. Share your ideas!Your voice wants to be heard!Check out WasteReduce, Re-use, Recycle!On-campus:D. Reduce!Alkaline batteries: red boxes located in most building lobbiesHow to compost: clothes: ChinaCare bins (in building lobbies before Feb.)List of hazardous materials accepted by McGill: disposable food containers: borrow plates from the plate club (SSMU cafe, Mon-Fri), bring your own container / thermosLocations off campusClothes:Swap: ex. Studio Sundari, April 21stDonation: ex. Place Montreal Trust (St. Catherine entrance)</p> <p>co-centres</p> <p>co-quartiers</p> <p>co-quartiersProvides:Information on local waste-management lawsGreen products such as rain barrels / composters / clear bags for recyclingConsultation servicesClosest location: Saint-Marc Streetco-centresAccepts:Appliances, tires, construction residues, household hazardous waste, ink cartridges, housewares etc.Bring proof of residence + photo IDClosest locations:1868, rue Cabot1100, rue des CarriresSo how are you going to get involved?</p> <p>Did you knowUnsoiled plastic bags (combined into one bag)Are recyclable!</p> <p>What is NOT recyclable?Plastic #6 polystyreneStyrofoam, disposable cutlery/plates/cupsToothpaste tubes, rubber, lightbulbs, mirrorsCeramicAnything greasy</p> <p>Got a green thumb? There are plenty of places in Montreal to help you fulfill your addiction of urban Mcgill: Edible Campus</p> <p>Like to bike? There are many bike co-ops in Mtl, their mission is to empower people, like you, with the knowledge, tools and equipment to get on the road for less. At Mcgill: The Flat and Concordia: The Right to MoveBut theres many more: </p>


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