Civil society wishes for 2011

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Leaders of national organisations, community groups and local social enterprises were asked to share their wishes for civil society organisations facing both tough challenges and incredible opportunities in the coming year. You can see all the contributions in the presentation below.

Text of Civil society wishes for 2011

  • 1. Civil Society Wishes for...
  • 2. Alastair Wilson | School for Social Entrepreneurs
    On my wish list: firstly, the sector needs to look forward and plan for the long-term and also build corporate partnerships (like SSE Fellow Sheenagh Day whose goods can be bought in the high street. The sector needs to be both on a firm (financial) footing, and build credibility through impact measurement, as demonstrated by these. As the links demonstrate, we need to do business with, and buy from, each other in tougher times. And continue to underpromise and overdeliver.
  • 3. 3SC wishes to see more collaborative approaches to working, through the mechanisms of policy, the commissioning process and by opportunities created by all organisations, irrespective of size or income. The benefits of a collaborative approach: shared knowledge, integrated services, scalability and cost-reduction build both the capacity and capability of the civil society sector to enable it to provide effective and efficient contractors of choice for the delivery of todays public services.
    Michael OToole | 3SC
  • 4. Julie McEver | Local Partnerships
    Local Partnerships would like to see good enablers for the Right to Provide, building on the lessons learned from Right to Request. Both policies are allowing public sector staff to spin-out and establish their own organisations but this cannot be done without the right support!
  • 5. A multi million pound endowment fund from the Exchequer (which could be topped up from the lottery), for a massive extension of youth volunteering at a time when young people are facing the biggest hit in respect of jobs, maintenance allowances, student loans and the demolition of youth services. This would build on the volunteering experiences at 16 which is currently government policy, and would bring alive both personal experience and confidence building with a contribution to saving the fabric of neighbourhoods and communities.
    Rt Hon David Blunkett MP
  • 6. We hope people will continue to generously support the vital work we do with survivors of brain and spinal injury in whatever way (or costume!) they choose.
    BASIC | Brain And Spinal Injury Centre
  • 7. Jonathan Lewis | The Social Investment Business
    For a few commissioners to take the plunge with the sector and give it the chance to deliver at an unprecedented scale.
  • 8. Sir Stephen Bubb | ACEVO
    Council chiefs suddenly realise the best approach to making cuts is funding the sector better to deliver citizen focused and community driven public services.
  • 9. Matthew Taylor | RSA
    Real progress in establishing easily accessible social investment funds, particularly in deprived areas.
    Payment by results systems to be designed so that small and medium sized organisations can win niche business.
    Education ministers to realise how important schools can be to building and maintaining local social capital and starting to talk positively about school/community engagement.
    A national strategy (led by NESTA?) to explore how UK social enterprise can break into international public service markets.
    Restoring EMAs and making civic engagement part of the core curriculum for 16-18 year olds.
  • 10. I wish that this Government will hold its nerve and work with the social sector, instead of meddling in it, as the last one did. The Big Society Bank will be the litmus test of its capacity for consistency and competence.
    Rodney Schwartz | ClearlySo
  • 11. In 2011 Jets Foundations New Years wish is to have increasing opportunities to contract with local and national government for the effective delivery of community programmes. Programmes that given the right backing can make a real difference to the lives of people living in our local communities. We hope that during the New Year, Jets foundation together with the 3rd sector become the lead and inspiration for the Big Society agenda.
    Jets Foundation
  • 12. Sit N B Fit
    The active empowering of civil society organisations.
    To be recognised at government level.
    Effective collaboration of civil society organisations and public sector to dovetail service delivery effectively.
  • 13. As a leader of a small voluntary and community organisation I believe there is no better opportunity for the sector to play a crucial role in the Governments vision of the Big Society in 2011, this will leave a legacy for our communities.
    Henry Ngawoofah | Grace Incorporation Faith Trust (GIFT)
  • 14. Contributors
    (Brain And Spinal Injury Centre)
    Sit N B Fit
    Sir Stephen Bubb
    Alastair Wilson
    School for Social Entrepreneurs
    Matthew Taylor
    Henry Ngawoofah
    Grace Incorporation Faith Trust (GIFT)
    Jets Foundation
    Rt Hon David Blunkett MP
    Michael OToole
    Rodney Schwartz
    Julie McEver
    Local Partnerships
    Jonathan Lewis
    The Social Investment Business